YouTube – The Facts Behind This Social Media Giant [Infographic]

Humor goes a long way when creating your videos on YouTube. People love to laugh, and if you ever visit a video on the site, you are going to find that those that are humorous, and the ones with the most views. Visiting YouTube might be a retreat for some, and a way to escape reality for a little while; so, as a business owner, if you choose the site to promote, you have to make sure visitors are going to click on the link for your video. You must provide value, and you must make sure the visitor learns about the content you are trying to promote. But, when possible, add a joke, or something that is going to make the visitor smile. It will go much further than a video that is dull and does not attempt to engage the viewer, and you will find that you are going to get more views. Whether you use fun characters, content, or just a fun upbeat tone, trying to make your viewer smile for a few minutes a day, can truly boost the number of views you will get each day.


Source:  Empower Network

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