Yahoo Redefines Web Search Dimension Through Axis


Hi all, am back with the latest update from the tech world, Axis, introduced by Yahoo is about to redifine your searching and browsing experiance. As you all know traditional web search results appears before you as a collection of links to the respective results. But in the case of “Axis” it gives you search results in a more impressive format , that contains collection of small images.

Axis is currently introduced as mobile application that works on IPhone,IPad and IPad platforms and can be downloaded from Apple App store. Yahoo announced that Axis that working on other applications are under development and will get release soon.

Tech world welcomes the new development from Yahoo with great expectations. But Axis won’t get a hopeful responce form the market in the near future, because it dosen’t suppport Android, which is the widely used smart phone operating system. Anyway stay tuned for more updates on Axis.

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