Writing Tips For Bloggers


Starting a new personal blog can be a fun and truly rewarding process. If you feel you are brimming with inspiration and ready to write, then good for you! Some people though, especially first time writers, feel the practice may be a little daunting, if this sounds more like you, don’t worry help is at hand: here are some helpful tips to get you on your way!

Once you have the name for your blog sorted and you have the colours and the layout all arranged as perfectly as you want, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter, actually writing some posts. First things first, think of some interesting content. There is no point in writing about something no one would be interested in.

Once you have a subject for your first post, then it’s time to start writing! Remember, you are not writing an essay, keep it light, try to keep to short snappy sentences that are easily digestible for the reader.Mix up your media; throw in some images and videos too, a text heavy blog is the last thing you want as readers can get bored really easily.

Keep your copy idiosyncratic, you are the author of the page so do not prescribe to writing styles of others you find interesting, it is really important to write with your own voice. Remain interesting with your writing, try to be the first when it comes to sharing new information and don’t worry about being personal. Give your true opinions on things and don’t hold back if you have strong emotion towards something. These are the things that make for really good, engaging copy. So, Start a blog and earn money instantly!

Always proof read, this is the area of blogging that is similar to essay writing; any professional blogger knows the value of good grammar and spelling. Your blog will look low rate and shabby if there are loads of typos.

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