World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Do you think your job is stressful and physically demanding? Of course it is, but it might be nothing compared to what these guys have to face on a daily basis. Here are the top 5 most dangerous ways to earn a living.


World's Most Dangerous Jobs

Fishing is widely considered to be the world’s most dangerous job. It accounts for a staggering 200 deaths out of 100,000 workers which makes anyone working in the occupation 50 times more likely to die than in any other job. Severe storms, harsh winds and ice-cold waters are just some of the work conditions fishermen face on their regular day. Commercial fishing in particular is an extremely dangerous job, most notably when fishing the crab in the freezing Alaskan waters. It certainly isn’t your usual 9 to 5 job! Fishing involves a lot of skill, confidence and experience to stay uninjured while at sea.


World's Most Dangerous Jobs

Not only does logging require working at great heights whilst handling hazardous equipment (like chain saws!), but you also have to watch out for huge falling trees, bashing branches that weigh more than a human, and moving logs everywhere. Logging workers operate in all types of extreme weather and extremely remote areas where proper medical facilities are limited at best. With a death rate of 61.8 per 100,000 workers, logging is considered to be the second most dangerous job in the world.

Aircraft pilot

World's Most Dangerous Jobs

Although being an aircraft pilot doesn’t involve much physical effort, it’s mainly the mental stress that pilots have to go through that has ranked this profession third on the list. It requires persistent and uninterrupted concentration, whilst being responsible for everyone else on board. The fact that some pilots have to be on duty for up to 16 hours without any break, combat lightening whilst in the sky, and remember such a large amount of procedural information in their head makes being an aircraft pilot number 3 on this list.

Fire Fighter

World's Most Dangerous Jobs

Every single role where you are placed on the front-line of the emergency services is a dangerous one – paramedics and police get needlessly harassed on the streets every single day. However, the danger fire fighters are exposed too is on a higher level. Not only do fire fighters risk their lives by entering burning buildings and saving lives, they are also put under an immense amount of stress whilst on the job.

Truck driver

World's Most Dangerous Jobs

From the likes of reality programmes like ‘Ice road truckers’ and ‘Eddie Stobart Truckers’, as a society we have become more aware of the dangers truck drivers face on their journey across the country. Not only is the job physically dangerous; the risk of road accidents, injury when lifting and the exposure of carrying hazardous materials, it’s also physically demanding on the body and mentally straining. Long hours, overexertion and poor posture could contribute to long-term health problems, not to mention the boredom drivers have to suffer brought about by driving all day every day.

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