Windows Finally Scores a Win: Nokia Lumia 920 vs Sony Xperia U

It’s not often that a Windows phone comes out ahead of the pack, but this time it just has to. Windows phones are notoriously clunky, with a difficult user interface, and slow as well. And it’s not often that one gets recommended. However, the new Nokia Lumia 920 is actually a pretty decent phone, and it’s got some impressive specs.

When compared to a Sony Xperia U, there’s no doubt which is the top dog. Windows has finally done something right, and the Nokia Lumia 920 is proof that not all Windows phones should automatically be disregarded.

Why Windows Wins


The Lumia 920 is simply a far, far faster phone. It runs a significantly faster processor than the Sony, giving it fifty per cent more pulling power, so it’s more responsive and less laggy to use. Coming with double the RAM of the Sony, another reason that it’s faster, it’s also better at multi-tasking, and less likely to freeze.

Also, its maximum data speeds are around twice as fast, so you download faster and web pages load faster too. It’s quite the little powerhouse.

The four and a half inch screen is a good seventy per cent bigger than the Sony’s little three inches. And that’s a good thing, because not only does the screen have two and a half times better resolution than the Sony, but it also has twenty per cent more PPI, all of this equals bigger, brighter, crisper, better defined picture quality, making the Lumia a joy to look at.

As with most Nokia phones, the built in camera is a pleasure to use. Its massive 8.7 MP (the Sony has a miserable 5 MP) means that pictures are well defined with good detail, and excellently suited to being blown up into larger prints. Plus, as a video camera, the Nokia shoots full HD video, whereas the Sony doesn’t even come close.

All of this and you get way more internal storage (a huge 32 GB compared to the Sony’s 4 GB), so you can store eight times more music, pictures, videos etc on your device. And you get about eighty per cent more talk time per battery charge cycle as well.

Clear to see why we’re recommending a Windows phone…

Can Sony Catch a Break?


Ok, so there are a couple of things that Sony does right; using Android rather than Windows means that it can run multiple apps at the same time, something that no other operating system can currently handle.

It also has a better quality screen, despite the lower resolution, because it comes with a TFT LCD rather than a simple (and rather old fashioned) LCD screen.

It’s a little smaller and a little lighter, but that’s not really an advantage as in actuality the device comes out feeling quite flimsy next to the rather solid Lumia. And that’s pretty much it…

The Winner Is…

It’s so unusual to recommend a Windows phone over an Android that we can’t really believe that we’re doing it. But we are. The Nokia Lumia 920 is simply better than the Sony Xperia U in nearly every way. So don’t pay attention to the hype. Sometimes Windows is the right choice to make.


  1. But the Sony phone is less than half the price of the Nokia’s phone! They are both aim at a different group of users. A more comparative sample from Sony would be a Xperia S or TL. That would make a better comparison.

  2. Excellent review. Great job!

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