Windows 8 Is Well Powered With Parental Controls


Parents controls are a matter of critical importance to parents around the globe in a world that is fast growing digital. In such a world, it is impossible to keep the kids away from computer and internet. However, such an access should come with some limitations and that is where the role of parental controls come in. It now seems that Microsoft, too, take this seriously.

Microsoft aims to bring more detailed and ready parental control tools for parents in its upcoming OS, Windows 8. In a blog post by Microsoft’s senior program manager for Family Safety, “With Windows 8, you can monitor what your kids are doing, no matter where they use their PC. All you have to do is create a Windows user account for each child, check the box to turn on Family Safety, and then review weekly reports that describe your children’s PC use.”


This makes the whole process of monitoring their kids’ online activity for the parents quite simple. Not only are they easily able to apply parental controls on the kids’ account, they are also posted regularly on the performance of their kids through numerous auto-generated reports. This lets the parents keep an effective tab on the kids.

Microsoft is calling this the ‘monitor first’ approach. With this approach, all the parents have to do is sign into Windows 8 with their Microsoft account. They can then create a different account for their kid and select the ‘Family Safety’ option which will then deliver weekly e-reports about that account to the parents.

The new features that will be a part of Windows parental controls in Windows 8 include Time Limits, Safe Search, Web filtering, Application and game restrictions and Windows Store.

Courtesy: Microsoft, CNET

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  1. In windows 8, Parents can simply setup a new account and check a box that indicates that the new account is for a child. They will then receive weekly activity reports via email that reveal how their children spend time on the computer. There are no additional downloads, installations wizards, or configuration steps.

    Besides monitoring, parents can also easily take action with the new Family Safety feature by being able to adjust the settings from the Internet at Additionally, if parents want to have even more control, they can set filters, selecting from several web filtering levels. There’s also the option to set SafeSearch, computer usage time limits, game filters in the Windows Store, and restrictions to certain apps and games.

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