Is Windows 8 To Blame For Low PC Sales Figures?

Is Windows 8 To Blame For Low PC Sales Figures?

Research firm IDC’s market tracking numbers for the first quarter of 2013 are in, and they are not pretty . the overall market for PC’s decline by over 13 percent year on year, the worst numbers on the record. Interestingly , IDC blamed Windows 8, calling out its radical UL changes and the higher cost of touch enabled devices  as the main causes for user’s hesitance to buy new PC’s. the report points out the obvious fact that tablets and smart phones have diverted consumer spending, but adds that low shipments of netbooks also helped turn customers away. However other analysts have been quick to dismiss the findings as sensational, pointing out that Windows 8 and RT tablets and hybrids were not included in the definition of PC’s. while its still true that tablets are pinching PC’s, attracting tablet buyers was a big part of Microsoft’s Windows 8 strategy.

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  1. I’m not representing the general public’s feeling towards Windows 8 but I am one of those that really dislike windows 8. Tried it, and didn’t like it one bit on a laptop and I don’t think if I use it on a tablet, it going to change much. Thinking of using a Macbook but don’t like it either. So I’m just going to buy hardware and stick with Windows 7 for the foreseeable future.

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