Why Does Twitter’s Site Go Down So Often?


An Introduction

Twitter is the microblogging social media network that has exploded into the forefront in recent years. As Twitter’s service grew and its user number exploded, the website became a staple in the industry, ushered in the same breath as dominant industry site Facebook. But the social media company has had continued problems with outages in service. While the outages have affected the company primarily in periods of large growth—they continue to happen periodically throughout the calendar year. Twitter usually attributes these outages to bugs in the system, although oftentimes users believe they could be the work of hackers.

Consumer Confidence

The LinkedIn password breach that saw over 6 million passwords compromised has had an effect on the social media world. Social media sites have seen the public relations damage and other negative effects laid on LinkedIn, and have tried mightily to avoid them. But as power outages on Twitter become more prominent, users can only hope they aren’t the acts of hackers trying to steal their information. Because Twitter knows the importance of winning the public relations battle, they have rushed to inform users that the recent outages in service are merely a bug that is inside of Twitter’s programmed infrastructure. Twitter’s crash this June has been its worst this year, and comes right on the heels of LinkedIn’s problems. It makes sense that Twitter would try calm the fears of its users, as consumer confidence is the engine that drives a company. But can Twitter do more to make sure it doesn’t crash nearly as much, a solution which would alleviate many of its users doubts?

What can Twitter do?

So what can Twitter do to prove to its users that it’s not compromising their information? First, Twitter can invest in bigger and better servers to make sure that their online service stays up, and isn’t sent offline by a dramatic increase in users or user information. Bigger servers will also allow Twitter to increase the number of features in their product and offer new services to its users. Second, Twitter should invest in improved security software, and make that investment public. This move will ensure to users that Twitter takes their safety and their information seriously. It will create consumer confidence in a time of doubt and online fear. Twitter already offers a great service, and improving these side features will only help not only to keep its existing base, but to add to it. If Twitter limits its outages, the sky is truly the limit for this new age social networking giant.

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