When Web Hosting Goes Wrong

Web Hosting is such an important part of an online business, which sadly not enough people research thoroughly. With each and every web hosting company claiming to be the best, the cheapest and the most reliable, it can be difficult to know who choose. Some businesses don’t thoroughly plan ahead and think what they might need from their hosting in the first place.

How hosting can go wrong:


High levels of down time leading to lost custom…

If you rely on your website to sell your products through, if it suddenly disappears or loads extremely slowly, customers simply won’t trust your site is reliable enough to spend their money through.

Uptime and downtime simply relates to the amount of time your hosting server is up and running. If a hosting company has a 95% uptime, this means 5% of the time your website, and every other website on the same server, will be down and won’t load for those customers wishing to use it. Therefore they can’t view your business or your products and will go elsewhere meaning you lose profit and your reputation suffers.

Any hosting company which has over 95% uptime is quite good, unfortunately down times do occur but anything over 95% is at least quite reliable. This teamed with good customer from your hosting company means you won’t be at risk of losing valuable customer trust if you site disappears for long stretches of time regularly.

No support to help you solve hosting issues…

Support is vital from a hosting company. Things can go wrong, and will go wrong so you need someone on hand to answer your questions if you find there is suddenly an issue with your website.

If you website hosting has a fault, you are having issues with a feature or it is slow to load, you are likely to miss out on vital custom so it must be addressed straight away. Unless you are a technological expert, you will need assistance to get your website back on track.

As online shopping is 24/7 your hosting support needs to match this so you can get any problems solved at any time of day, especially if your hosting company is based internationally, as your working hours will differ, so you don’t want to have to rely on support available in business working hours only.

Extra monthly bandwidth fees…

If you hosting package offers you a limited amount of bandwidth and you exceed this, you might find you will have to pay extra.

You bandwidth refers to the amount your website visitors download. Each time a visitor goes to your site and views a page, they are downloading this information from the server. The more pages they view, the more data they are downloading. If you have a high rate of traffic to your website and your visitors view several pages, your site will be downloading large amounts of data from the server. The bandwidth offered in the package must cover the amount of data you expect to be downloaded.

Small fees add up, and in business when budgets can be tight, you must avoid these extras. Make sure your hosting provides you everything you need in one monthly fee without any hidden costs. Some hosting packages offer unlimited bandwidth.

Poor security puts your customers and files at risk…

A hosting sever will send information to and from your website visitors computer. The information that is sent and received is valuable and you should feel confident that it is protected. Most hosting companies will encrypt this valuable information such as bank card details or customer addresses so external sources can’t access it. Make sure this is the case, and that your website files are safe from being breached.

Best Web hosting For Bloggers

Are you a passionate blogger? Nowadays, most of the bloggers are students and their aim is to earn some income from blogging. So, they will only consider the low rate and good quality web hosting. So, I’m highly recommending you to read this article: Choosing best web hosting service And select a best web hosting for your need

I’m Recommending..

Personally, I’m a big fan of shopify web hosting as a business web hosting. Because, Shopify is a hosted solution meaning you don’t need to pay for web hosting and they have their own SSL certificate. With hosting being $10-15/month and SSL certificates about $10/month, that basically covers the monthly Shopify cost meaning the only thing you really pay them is the 2% per transaction fee. For smaller shops with few transactions or small transactions, this 2% is not very much and can easily be overcome with a slight shipping cost increase.With Shopify, you can literally have a new store up and running in just a few minutes (using one of their default, basic templates). Just create an account like you would on any other website and you’re basically ready to start selling. So, i recommend you to try shopify!

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