What Is the Deal With Skinny Jeans?

More and more male celebrities seem to be replacing their normal fit trousers for multiple pairs of skinny jeans, even though this fit was originally designed for women. This article discusses the ridiculousness behind this fashion trend.

People wonder why so many male celebrities are deciding to wear skinny jeans. Is it something to show the world how skinny their legs are? This seems to be only something that can be pulled off (in a way) by the male celebrities with skinny legs, such as Justin Bieber. You will probably never see one of the “big-boned” male celebrities wearing skinny jeans primarily because they are physically unable to do so. What is the deal with skinny jeans?


How Do Their Legs Breath?

Most times, watching a man with a pair of skinny jeans on is enough to make you feel claustrophobic. It looks almost as if they put on a normal pair of pants and somehow had all of the air scientifically sucked out of the pants with a vacuum. Is proper air flow within a pair of pants no longer something that is fashionable? At the end of the day, it truly is up to you to find out the reason and see which way the wind blows.

The Style of Skinny Jeans

A fashion statement has evolved in recent years for skinny men to wear skinny jeans. No matter how you look, in order for you to truly have an “updated” fashionable image, you have to have a pair of skinny jeans. What sense does that make? More and more male celebrities seem to be hopping on the bandwagon of this unofficial Skinny Jeans Movement and their loyal fans and male admirers are following closely behind them. Well, do all of these male celebrities look good while wearing these airtight trousers? You should seriously consider allowing your brain to do the talking over this one.

A Brief History of Skinny Jeans

Most of you would be aware of the origin of skinny mens jeans. Contrary to popular belief, it was women that first started wearing skinny jeans throughout fashion history. When did the shift happen, then, for men to start wearing clothes that were originally designed for women? Let’s flip the script for a moment. Can you imagine women wearing saggy jeans hanging off of their butts while grabbing themselves as they have a chain around their neck and their baseball cap on backwards? Is that sexy to you? Of course not! Therefore, why is it that so many male celebrities in the world today feel as if they look good wearing their girlfriend’s jeans? When you look at Justin Bieber and his girlfriend standing next to each other, it almost seems as if they bought the exact same pair of pants!

Skinny Mens Jeans Make No Sense

Skinny jeans, like any other fashion style, are just a passing fad and current trend that will slowly but surely transition to the ancient world of bellbottoms and platform shoes – only to be brought back to the surface occasionally to remind you that it is still there. The bottom line is that you should be able to differentiate between a man and a woman’s legs if you see them in a pair of pants. Skinny jeans have overcomplicated this process, making it nearly impossible to choose accurately anymore.

Isaac Newton was famous for stating that every action has its own reaction. We can only imagine what the reaction of this fashion frenzy is going to be especially if it continues to grow in popularity around the world.

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  1. skinny jeans aren’t for everyone. I happen to have a slender build, so baggier jeans look ridiculous on me. dont hate they playa, hate the game.

  2. I’m not fond of them either, but you’re an idiot. Why? Because men have been wearing tights for hundreds of years. Look up pictures of Henry VIII or something.

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