What is IT Service Management (ITMS)?

What is IT Service Management (ITMS)?

IT Service Management (ITMS) is basically a combination of information technology process management and some of the best practices of the industry. These services are aimed towards providing a standard approach to the organisations for delivering superior quality IT services to the clients and customers. ITMS addresses the operational practices, starting right from the procurement and implementation to the ultimate delivery of services to the organisations. IT management service involves a lot more than merely helping businesses with help desk services. It is more of a process-based work that involves aligning the delivery of the IT services as per the needs and the requirements of the businesses, while emphasizing on the benefits provided to the customers.

ITSM or IT service management is more of a discipline about managing the information technology systems, which are generally focused on the client’s perspective about IT’s contribution to the working of the business. There are several services that help businesses in removing the burden of desktop management, data security, server visualization, networking and overall IT support. There are service providers like Amcom who work in the direction of making their customers worry-free, and help them in concentrating on the other important areas for running the business.

Award-Winning Service Provider

Amcom is a reputable, award-winning IT and Telecommunications firm based out of Australia. With its flexible, innovative and economical customer service, Amcom is one of the most popular service providers for catering to the ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) needs of businesses across Australia. With its amazing network and over 360 employees all across Australia, Amcom is able to provide superior quality managed desk service, ITSM or IT service management administration as well as NOC management services to businesses and the government. The Amcom IT service management solutions aim at structuring the IT services of the business from the point of view of the customers and the end users.

Managed Desk Service

The managed desk service solutions from Amcom are flexible and offer centralised services that serve as a single point communication centre for the ownership, as well as the management of all the service requests from the staff and the customers. The well-experienced team at Amcom gives businesses freedom from resource as well as management challenges of in-house help desk support services, and provides a more efficient and economical solution for delivering the IT support tasks.

ITSM or IT Service Management Administration

By following the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), ISO 9001 and ISO 20000/ 20001 standards, Amcom ensures to improve as well as extend your services and operations in an effective manner. The ITSM Administration solutions include everything from the establishment of the complete operation of the SMO (Service Management Office) that primarily focuses on the employment, management as well as the enhancement of the service management processes made to support the critical business services and functions. The experienced Amcom professionals work their level best to develop the IT efficiency of the businesses by introducing an efficient process culture for proper governance of the IT quality and the suitability, measurement and reporting of the related services.

Managed NOC

The Managed Network Operations Centre (NOC) solutions at Amcom are synonymous with 24×7 performance, health monitoring and a alerting hub for all the facets of the business relating to Information Technology. The well-qualified and trusted team, along with the cutting-edge product technology, helps in giving businesses some access to the best services for minimizing any kind of adverse effects arising due to any network issues. The service is provided at a fraction of the cost that would be required to set up an entire department in a business organisation.

On the whole, with its comprehensive solution suite of best practices, standards, procedures and processes, Amcom is one of the leading ITSM service providers in Australia.

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