What Is A Ballast Water Management System And How Does It Effect Marine Life?


When traveling at sea a ship must compensate for changes that occur regularly. Dropping off a load, the use of fuel, and other issues all affect how a ship manages to stay balanced. To help ships compensate load shifting and maintain its course it must rely upon a water storage tank called the water ballast. Water ballasts hold seawater and help ships to stay balanced.

Though the ballast has a beneficial purpose it poses a huge threat to the marine environment. The threat begins when the ballast is filled to the appropriate level with fresh seawater. The water being sucked into the ballast naturally contains a wide variety of marine species. These species are what cause such a huge threat to marine life.

During transport these species have been known to breed and overly reproduce to the point that they pose a danger on the natural marine ecological balance. When the ballast water is released to compensate for shifts in a ships weight capacity, an overabundance of these species can be turned loose in a vulnerable area. As with all other life forms, an over population of one species can completely exhaust the food sources of other species and as an ending result, many other species can be eradicated.

This negative marine impact created an intense need for ballast water management systems. Due intense need and the severity of the damages already done, the scientists and engineers at Siemens Water Technologies have worked hard to develop an effective water management system commonly known as SiCURE. This system is responsible for filtering and destroying invasive marine species that are present in the volume of incoming ballast water. The SiCURE system is a name that is well known in the ballast water management industry and available through http://www.cathodiceme.com.

One reason the Siemens Water SiCURE system is so reputable is it has a highly advanced filtration system that is environmentally friendly and does not require chemicals to eliminate chances of the proliferation of invasive species. The Siemens Water system is found at http://www.cathodicme.com and is in full compliance with ballast water regulations and has undergone 30yrs of development and successful operational testing making it one of the absolute best in the maritime industry.

The creation of this system is truly a benefit to all marine life and the ships that stay afloat while using an effective filtration system such as this one. Without technologies such as this some of the effects of human actions might go left untreated and furthering the damage done to the earth. To find more useful information about this filtration system, simply visit http://www.cathodicme.com and click the Ballast Water Management Systems section of the site.

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