What Do People Think About The New iPad?


It has been a couple of weeks now since the launch of the new iPad and the reviews are in. Changewave research conducted a survey in late March to discover how popular Apple’s latest tablet has been with consumers. Interestingly, of the 200 owners who participated in the survey, over 80% declared themselves satisfied with the tablet – a user satisfaction rate that is apparently higher than those associated with the 1st and 2nd generation iPads.

Even more interesting, perhaps, was the “most appreciated” feature. Owners of the new iPad were asked what they liked the most about the tablet and an overwhelming 75% mentioned the high-resolution retina display. This will undoubtedly please Apple, who sold the device largely on its improved display, which they described as “resolutionary.”
In second-place (for the “most appreciated” feature) was the new iPad’s battery life, which is said to extend for up to 9-10 hours. Given the high- resolution display and all the other spec bumps the new iPad received, the fact that it still runs for more or less an entire day is very impressive.
The third most liked feature was the 4G LTE Capability, and that in spite of the recent controversy surrounding it. New iPad owners in Australia discovered, to their disappointment, that this capability did not apply to them. So it is safe to assume that the survey does not represent the views of all iPad owners across the globe and presumably focuses mostly on iPad owners in North America, who are now able to browse the internet and stream video at incredibly high speeds.
What about the least liked feature of the new iPad? Perhaps not surprisingly it was the cost – with 26% of the votes. At $499 (for just the 16GB version), the new iPad is admittedly not the cheapest tablet out there. Fortunately for tablet enthusiasts, it is now easier than it once was to locate a cheap ipad 2 on sale. At $399, the 2nd generation tablet now appears to many to be more desirable than ever, particularly given that it is not only more affordable than the new iPad but thinner and a little lighter as well.
What about the heat of the new iPad? If you have been following the iPad news, you may have heard about the alleged “high temperature” issue associated with the new tablet. Consumer Report and others initially appeared to make rather a large deal out of this, though the controversy seems to have died down of late. Only 7% of the users polled said that the heat from the tablet was excessive. One can only assume that these users were gamers (since the overheating issue is tied almost exclusively, it seems, to the playing of computer games).
Slightly more significant than the heat issue (at 8%) was the size and weight of the new iPad. Whilst the increase is only a matter of milimeters and grams, it has certainly been noticed by iPad owners particularly after hours of holding the tablet (when hands start to tire).
All in all, Changewave’s study makes it clear that by and large the new iPad has been a hit with consumers. The early alarm bells surrounding temperature have given way to awards and accolades and a healthy endorsement from Apple fans around many parts of the world. And of course all this won’t exactly hurt Apple’s bottom line either.