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In this post, I’ll tackle a few aspects of web development in terms of SEO.  An SEO should be aware of and take an active part in any web development innovation a site is about to implement. That’s because in that case an SEO can provide web developers with the recommendations that ensure that they implement those new things in an SEO-friendly way. Thus web programmers (or web developers) won’t have to re-do (re-code, re-program) something that they so avidly created before. So, it’s a win-win as a matter of fact. Plus if it’s done while planning an innovation (a new feature for your site or something along those lines), it’ll save a whole lot of nerves on both sides. So, everybody is going to be relaxed rather than stressed. OK, that’ll do for philosophy.

Text, Text, And Text

Though it’s absolutely cool (not from an SEO standpoint)  to have Flash, JavaScript, SilverLight and other technologies on your site, you as a site owner or just a cautious project manager need to realize that all these bells and whistles create more troubles for your site. And that’s because search engine crawlers – however better and more sophisticated they got – are still text-based. And so should be your your site – text-based. Use plain HTML whenever possible. And even if you absolutely have to use some Flash or whatever, make sure to provide a text-based alternative for that feature so that Google can easily read all the info your page contain. You need to really move it up in your priority list, because if nobody can find your site in Google or Bing, who are all those flashy gimmicks for?

Valid HTML

That’s important to ensure that your site’s HTML code is as valid as possible. In a better world, all pages on the web would be totally valid. But the reality is that even rather big and reputable sites on the Net have a few invalid pieces of code. That said, anyway, you need to do your best to fix any issue with your HTML, because it’ll enhance your site’s cross-browser compatibility, loading speed, and proper SEO indexing. So, no monkey business here. Just make it work correctly and off you go.

Key Page Elements

Being an SEO, you need to strive to make sure that your main keywords (up to 3) are available in the main page elements:

  • Headings – make sure to include your keyword in your site’s heading. By the way, you need to always suggest and insist on having just one heading per page because that, firstly, just makes sense that a page has one heading, and secondly, Google considers it suspicious – and with good reason – when a page has a few headings. If you need to highlight some chunk of text, just use CSS for that purpose;
  • Page title – the value of your page title sends a very strong signal to the major search engines. So you need to absolutely put your keyword in your title. A few tips as for your page title: a) it should be up to 60 characters long; b) it should be relevant to the page it is on; c) each page of your site should have a unique title.
  • Images – it’s better to give use the alt tag in a descriptive way. I mean you are not supposed to stuff your keyword in every alt tag of your images. Just describe your image and put it in your alt tag. That’s about it.
  • Anchor text – you also need to use your keyword as the anchor text for your links but it’s OK to use word like “click here”, “read more”, etc. Sure thing, you need to be sure that your keyword is often enough used in your links’ anchor texts like 15-40% of the time, but it’s very approximate.
  • Page description – though it does not directly influence your SEO, it’s still important to use your keywords there,  because if you do so, they will get highlighted once somebody finds the keywords in Google’s SERP.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of aspects that web developers should take into account in order not to harm your site’s SEO. Like I said in the very beginning, your SEO guy (or you if you’re one) need to be aware of every on-site innovation that your management or tech guys are thinking about. Doing so, you’ll never be surprised by dropped rankings, which was caused by some super-dooper brand new technology your programmers implemented just to show up. :)

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