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Which CMS Is The Best Choice For Your New Website?

If you are thinking about starting a blog or website you’ll be left with some tough choices about the best way to manage your new site. Depending on the requirements of your site, you have several different options that you can choose. While some people are still making sites from regular old HTML, most people these days are going with one of the powerful CMS’s that make web design so much more accessible to your everyday person.

You no longer need to know several web programming languages, or pay expensive web designers to have your own professional website. There is one problem though, picking which CMS to use. There are several that are very popular, I’ll help make your choice easier by reviewing some of the more popular ones.

WordPress – The Big Dog

WordPress is currently far and away the most popular CMS on the market today. It’s open source and 100% free. It’s used by well over one million websites and runs on MySQL and PHP, which means that you can run it on pretty much any webhost out there. There are enough plugins and tutorials available that you won’t have any trouble getting this CMS to do what you need it to. Another positive aspect of this CMS is that it’s extremely search engine friendly right out of the box, and with a few changes to the settings it will look like your SEO was done by professionals.

Joomla – Another Power Player CMS

Joomla is another great choice for your website. It is a free and open source CMS. This is a great choice if you are going to be developing a site that needs to use multiple languages, websites with ecommerce functionality, or an online community portal. Similar to WordPress you’ll have a vast array of choices when it comes to adding additional functionality to your site with plugins. This is a great web platform, but comes with a higher learning curve than WordPress. You’ll enjoy the fact that it’s easy to find a host that’s compatible with Joomla’s requirements and you can also find plenty of great looking templates to use. Add in that ever growing list of plugins and you have yourself a great CMS.

Drupal – A Great All Round Blogging System

The 3rd CMS I’m going to talk about is Drupal. Just like the last two it’s also free and open source, so you can make any modifications you want. You’ll be able to publish a great looking blog in no time with Drupal. Another great feature is the ability to manage multiple sites with a single installation of Drupal. One final thing to mention is that Drupal has a powerful page caching feature already built in to make sure that your site loads as fast as possible.

Quickly Create A Scalable Website With CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is another great choice. Whether you are running a large or small website CMS Made Simple offers the flexibility you need thanks to it’s powerful scaling features. This CMS provides search engine friendly URL’s out of the box and also has many modules that allow you to shape your site anyway you want. You can allow your users to search, participate in polls, create picture albums, and more.

PrestaShop Is An Ecommerce Platform Rapidly Gaining Popularity

This is a very modern ecommerce CMS that uses all the best features of today’s popular technological advances like AJAX. This CMS is totally stacked with every feature you’ll need to run a successful online store. Whether you need to manage shipping, send out newsletters, or email some coupons to your customers it’s all a breeze with PrestaShop.

Reasons Why Magneto Is A Great Choice For Ecommerce

Magneto is a feature rich open source ecommerce solution. It comes with tons of different templates to give your store the look you envision in your mind. You can customize Magneto to your exact specifications thanks to it’s wide variety of third party modules. Combine that with it’s powerful built in SEO features and your web store will be filled with customers in no time.

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