Is Virtualization Always Beneficial to Businesses

Is Virtualization Always Beneficial to Businesses

The short answer to that question is yes. Apart from the fact that sever costs are minimized, virtualization has many benefits that range from the obvious to the obscure and any one of them would be enough of a reason to use virtualization in your business.

It seems counterproductive for IT infrastructure suppliers to offer virtualization solutions to businesses because the very act of virtualization means lower spends on hardware, but you only need to see how Dell helps businesses use virtualization to realise that there is much more to be gained from embracing virtualization than fighting it.

Primary Reasons Why Virtualization is Beneficial

Cost is mentioned above, but someone who works for a business as a system administrator or IT manager may not worry about budget control. However, they would be concerned about their ability to do their job more efficiently or at least with less effort. It’s much easier to control all servers within a business from one central control point and powering on a virtual machine is much easier than performing a physical reboot. A physical reboot is not really a problem, unless your servers are located on the other side of your building or even at an entirely different site.

Imagine one or more of your servers required more processing power, storage or memory and you had to physically install it on each system that needed upgrading. Running servers in a virtual machine means you only every need to open one box at one location and most of the time, upgrades are as easy as reassigning resources with a few clicks on your mouse. Even complete server setups are manageable in a very short space of time with no hardware to ship and install and no network to physically connect to, virtualization takes much of the strain away from IT departments.

A Great Secondary Consideration – Low Risk System Alterations

The need for change is something that happens periodically in every IT department, but when something goes wrong, you can be in deep water if you can’t rectify it immediately. Play with a physical server and make a mistake and that’s it…no way back. However, virtual servers allow you to take snapshot of your complete setup, which is like a mirror image of everything on the server before you make any changes. Then, if something doesn’t work out as you expected, you can always go back to where you started from.

Being part of the Dell team, I know we have a great range of virtualization options on offer. Visit the site and browse the solutions on offer.

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