Vintage Photo Frame DIY [Infographic]

Are you looking for a wedding favor that would look great on your rustic-themed wedding, or maybe a centerpiece for your rustic-looking garden table? Are you the type who likes collecting antique trinkets and knickknacks, or you just want to create a vintage-looking display for your desk? Here’s a great guide made by for you on how to make a rustic, vintage Mason jar photo frame that you’re looking for. Aside from having that vintage feel, it is also completely customizable and can easily be done by you. They look so good that you can even sell them or use them for a wedding you’re hired to prepare! All you will need is a mason jar, a flower, vegetable oil, and a photo. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a photo – make one with a personalized letter, a memorable stamp, or just about anything that can be written and attached to paper. The instructograph can explain it better than I do so do read on.



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  1. Nice infographic. Thanks for the share…

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