Using Social Media For Online Marketing


Since the emergence of social media, many business owners are curious about its impact on the business industry and whether it is worth the investment of time and money. The answer is yes. Social media can help your business generate leads and assist with your Search Engine Optimisation efforts, however social media is not for every business. A great emample of a business utilizing social media is Virgin, who have built a large following through Facebook and Twitter. Though they also focus on other marketing strategies, social media is the focal point of marketing efforts. Some companies have been successful with this approach.

How Social Media Can Help a Business Grow

Here are a few social media tools frequently used in business applications:


Facebook can be used for marketing a company. Facebook ads and word-of-mouth advertising through media are effective modes of helping businesses gain visibility. Visibility increases brand awareness and possibly lead to sales conversions. Branded pages are also effective in attracting or keeping customers. Once customers are on the page, companies can target existing fans or try to attract new fans through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or contests.

Through Facebook you can directly contact with your target audience, however if your target audience is not using facebook, than it would be difficult to generate a likes and shares. If you were a business selling “ball bearings” for Automobiles, then you would find it difficult to attract likes and shares, unless you have exciting content that viewers find interesting. A business selling “Baby Clothes” could utilise Facebook by reaching stay at home mothers.

Advantages: Advertising to existing fans builds trust and loyalty. This method is also more cost-effective than finding new fans. When fans tell their friends about your product or service, it is free advertising. If a fan has 100 or more friends, the business can leverage this opportunity through facebook shares.

Disadvantages: Getting new Facebook fans can be costly if you use PPC and other advertising campaigns to attract visitors. It can be time consuming if you do not already have a network to share the facebook page with.


Twitter has numerous implications in business. This tool has been used for customer service, public relations, marketing and feedback. One of the most impactful ways to use Twitter is to offer advice. You answer other twitter users questions and provide valuable information.

Since social signals have a higher correlation of increasing search engine ranking, most people should focus on social media to a certain extent. Most businesses can benefit from Twitter even if they are not technology-oriented. Businesses that are not online can run the risk of people making comments about their business online even if they do not have a web presence. It is best to be involved to mitigate risks.

Advantages: On Twitter you can find out what others are saying about your brand. You can resolve these issues by helping the user. When you Tweet about something interesting others will retweet and this will help with search engine rankings and traffic generation, especially if you Tweet a URL.

Disadvantages: You are limited to 140 characters with your text-based post, compared to other social networks, which allow larger posts. You have to use it, otherwise you will lose it. The more regular you use Twitter the more followers, however it is not a one way show, you will need to engage with related twitters and

Google Plus

Google+’s +1 is an effective way to increase website search engine ranking. The more +1s a company can get, the higher the probably the website will be ranked higher. The +1 is becoming more effective in increasing search engine ranking than backlinks. Backlinks are an important part of SEO, but many experts are hoping +1s will replace the need for backlinks.

The +1 is geared toward content on a website. If the company is not generating content, +1 is not going to be as effective. Dynamic content creation is important with this feature.

Advantages: This method of increasing search engine ranking is easier for small business owners to understand. Business owners can convince someone to vote whether they like a page or not faster than they can create a high quality backlink. Most people prefer it for this reason.

Disadvantages: People can distort results to have your web page ranked lower. Traffic generation is required to make this work. The company has to invest funds and resources to get people to navigate to the page to press +1.


LinkedIn can be used to find business leads. There is a “Get Leads” button in LinkedIn that will help businesses find prospects. The feature will search both a person’s direct network and extended networks. Business prospects are listed in a easy-to-read format.

Businesses with no desire to grow and reach every market whether online or offline will not require this service.

Advantages: This feature is convenient and free since it is located directly in the LinkedIn tool. Business owners find the feature beneficial.

Disadvantages: Since the tool searches current links, the tool is not as comprehensive. A broader search may be required to gather more leads.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a cost-effective way to launch a marketing campaign. This method is not only cost-effective, but can reach audiences of one million+. Consider how social media can be incorporated into your business strategy to improve your company’s revenue.

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