Using Proper Keyword Density To Avoid Google Penalties


If you write content online or if you own a website of any kind, keyword density is a very important thing to understand. Those trying to use search engine optimization (SEO) need to understand what keyword density is and how to use it properly. If your density is too high, your site might get flagged as spam. On the other hand, if it’s too low, you might not get ranked for the keyword phrase you are trying to gain ranking for.

There are a few things you can do to help you get the right keyword density on all your pages and posts. You need to start by understanding how to figure out what your density is and understanding what the best percentage is for keyword density. Here is a quick and easy plan to help you get the best density from your content.

How to Achieve Perfect Keyword Density

Before you discover how to get the right density, it’s important to know that you want your keyword density to stay between 1% and 3%. This is the percentage of words your keyword phrase occupies within a page on your website. You cannot just figure the density for the content if you also use sidebars, menus, tags or anywhere else that the keyword phrase is used.

If your keyword phrase is alcohol rehab, to figure out your density, you need to know the total number of words and how many times you used the keyword phrase. With 1,000 words, if you use the keyword phrase 5 times to 15 times, you will achieve a density between 1% and 3%. Since the keyword phrase has a total of two words within it, you figure the density by multiplying the amount of times you used it by two, then dividing that by the total amount of words.

Now that you understand how density works and what the best percentage is, you need to know how you can get this density. By using your keyword phrase properly, you can get the right density and optimize your content for the search engines properly.

1.  The Title

Always use the keyword phrase in the title of your post or page. However, you need to use more than just the keyword phrase. You should always use a compelling title and the keyword phrase needs to fit naturally.

2.  Content

Within the content, you always want to use your keyword phrase in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. This helps to tell the search engines what your content is about, but once again, it needs to fit naturally.

3.  Meta Tags

If you use Meta tags, which you should, you want the main keyword in the description tag and in the keywords tag. Make sure you only use the main keyword phrase in the Meta keywords tag once, however. This is a mistake many make and you want to make sure you don’t use a group of keywords that includes the exact main keyword phrase over and over. This can cause your density to clear the 3% mark.

If you use your keyword phrase properly and you keep your density at a natural level, you will gain the ranking you want on the search engines. Use these tips and make sure you know what your density is on each piece of content you create.


  1. This is especially true now after the latest google updates, not to mention people will also want to change up their anchor links on other sites and avoid using the same keywords in these cases as you can also be penalized.

  2. Great tips…thanks for the information…

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