Using Google+ Successfully [Infographic]

The Events feature that allows Google+ users to send to anyone customized invitations whether they are users of the same platform or not was announced recently by Google. It has been known to sync very well with Google calendar, and it also alerts the user automatically when a user confirms they will participate in an event.
Google+ can send out invitations for Google+ Hangouts in addition to sending out invitations to parties, work functions and webinars. It can be a catalyst that will increase the attendance and awareness of events you are currently holding or get your business on board with Hangouts. The Events Tool can be used to send out invites for other events including Hangouts.
One of the cool features of Events is the ‘party mode’ feature. It allows anyone in attendance to upload pictures in the same album using Google+ mobile app. This in turn creates a real time and living photo journals of a specific place and time. In future, you can easily show the photos in chronological order in form of a slideshow.


Courtesy: Empower Network

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