Ultimate Guide To Make Windows 7 Blazing Fast!


Choosing a good operating system for one’s computer is definitely not an easy decision to make. There are so many elements, which one has to think and appraise, before zeroing on one. One good suggestion would be to start using Microsoft Windows 7. Apart from the interface and the integration that the system uses, it is also easier to work upon in order to make it work.

Of course, one does have one’s personal choices and likes to stick to them. However, it would hardly be much of a pain to actually try this operating system instead of the usual or the most commonly used, Microsoft Windows XP or even Microsoft Windows Vista.

It, however, is understood that with such a great and advanced operating system, one will also need to have some inkling as to how to optimise the features of the system, in order to keep it running, and also maintaining the current performance. In fact, it is never too late to know some tricks or rather have some knowledge about how to increase the overall speed of the operating system.

Important Tips to Speed Windows 7

Before scheduling a good and thorough Internet speed test follow these steps in order to keep the system running smoothly. For starters, it is very important to store software or a programme that cleans the system well. Commonly known as the registry cleaner, this programme identifies the errors and needless to say, it also rectifies them. In fact, as the name suggests, the programme looks up everything on the registry and proceeds to either repair or delete other programmes, which deliberately slow the computers.

In fact, this programme will also rectify the problems, which took place when the other programmes were loaded. There is so much that can go wrong while trying to load or update a new or an existing programme. The cleaner will search every file, every setting, every corrupted file, malicious software and others in order to ensure smooth running of the operating system.

Further use of the Cleaner

Since the computer has a memory of its own, it is important that the memory be sometimes tampered with. Not that it is being suggested in a creepy way, but it is advised to use this cleaner to effectively free the memory, which is taking up so much space and not letting the operating system to run smoothly or as per its normal capabilities.

This includes the registry optimiser to seek out every orphan file and redundant ones as well, which might have remained while trying to uninstall some software or hardware.

With a good operating system, one does need to have a very good tool, which will defragment the system regularly. This defragmentation goes a long way into increasing the span of the computer and making sure that the operating system performs well without any lag.

The cleaner will also make sure that the rigorous cleaning process continues, while one works at the computer, uses the Internet and even installs new files and folders. The cleaner keeps everything in the registry safe and the basic configuration of the system is also not changed.

Help from other Sources

Now that it has been established how a good cleaner is important for speeding up the functioning of an operating system, an exploration of other elements slowing down the operating system should be covered as well. For starters, since Internet will of course be used a lot, purchasing a good anti-virus will be a good idea.

The cleaner and the anti-virus will together ensure smooth running of the operating system. Next up is disabling the unnecessary functions from your computer. Do not waste much time with toolbars, which provide different themes and visual effects into your system. Keeping a very strict tab on the kind of cookies the operating system stores will probably be a good idea as well.

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