Two Important Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Us


The death of Steve Jobs in October last year was mourned by millions of people around the world. Many considered him to be one of the greatest inventors of the 21st century. Best known as the co-founder of Apple Inc., his excellent leadership has propelled revolutionary technological solutions through personal computers and electronics.

A lot of people from the field of IT consider Jobs discipline as a businessman and inventor as one of the keys to become successful. No doubt, any IT consulting company will always carry his words as one of their inspiration.

Inspirational Lessons

If you read articles online about Jobs contributions to the IT world, a lot of good things can be said about him. Most people who share or write about their experiences with him as their partner or boss are the people who have been touched by his motivation to change the world.

It is said that changing the world, with how people live their lives, is one of his goals. For any IT consulting company, this idea can be a good motivating factor to build a good name in the field. Thinking out of the box and looking for different ways to improve people’s lives is one of the many reasons why technology is always advancing.

Being a perfectionist may not be bad at all if you want to present a unique product. This is one of Jobs traits when it comes to product presentation. An IT consulting company should look into this habit, whether they are presenting a product to their clients or hiring people to do the job. People should learn to realize their full potential.

Real leaders are not only familiar with their products; they use them and introduce it themselves to their potential clients. CEOs, not because they are head of a company, should always depend on their associates. They should set as true born leaders by serving the people, and by that, they present their products to their customers.

Another quality of making changes is by being a visionary. An IT consulting company’s role is to guide the direction of their clients to achieve their goals. They can do this by becoming visionaries in whatever way they can move their clients to success.

Of course, becoming a visionary means thinking way ahead of others and creating solutions. Technology is created to make people’s lives more convenient. You do not only listen to customers but identify what they really need.

Jobs know who his target markets are. Apple products are for everyone yet he always sets his eyes on the youth, those he knew are always looking for convenience and shaping their lifestyle.

Not a Perfect Man  

There are a lot of good things to be said about Apples greatest leader but he’s not a perfect man at all. There are reports that he’s a really strict boss yet it is no doubt that his greatness and discipline will not be overshadowed whatever his shortcomings were. All over the world, people will learn from his greatness.

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  1. Julian, this was a very nice article. I completely agree, he was definitely a leader and changed the world. However, nobody is perfect either. He was very rich, so with that money comes the haters and negativity.

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