Twitter Will Give You Something To Talk About


Say Goodbye to the Water Cooler and Hello to the Twitter Cooler

Once upon a time, you had to wait to share your insightful observations about current events until the proverbial “talk around the water cooler” with your coworkers. But thanks to social media, delaying your gratification until the next business day has become #So1966.

If you don’t believe it, check out Twitter or Facebook® or various online user groups immediately following a buzzworthy event. One recent example is the welterweight championship bout between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. Reaction to the controversial split decision that awarded Bradley the victory immediately turned Twitter into a cauldron of outrage:

  • “This sport is fixed. Biggest travesty in boxing history.”
  • “No way Bradley won that fight.”
  • “I’m half expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out and shout Punk’d.”

And there’s more where that came from — thousands and thousands of tweets on Twitter profiles like @trboxing and @BoxingIcon as well as personal Twitter accounts. (The award for wittiest tweet goes to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports: “Blame here has to fall on Pacquaio’s strategy of punching Bradley more often and harder.”)

If it’s happening, people are tweeting about it

It’s not just sports, either. Social media’s instantaneous analysis also extends to popular culture and politics. If you want to check the pulse of the general public on any number of subjects, just check out the Twitter feeds. You’ll find real-time commentary and analysis on everything from the latest “Game of Thrones” cliffhanger to the governor’s recall election in Wisconsin.

The development of wireless networks has helped fuel the trend. Let’s say you’re attending the weekly “Mad Men” viewing party at your neighbor’s house and you have the urge to electronically lash out at the despicable Pete Campbell. If you have wireless Internet service through a provider like CLEAR, the developer of the nation’s first 4G internet network, you don’t have to rush home to share your thoughts online. Just power up your laptop, plug in the pocket-sized modem and fire away.

A virtual town square for the wired generation

Facebook® has 4 million global users. Twitter has 114 million users sending out 60 million tweets a day. Those users aren’t just playing farm games or sharing photos — they’re populating a virtual town square in which the wired generation talks about anything and everything on its mind.

So if Mashable’s Adam Ostrow is right — “Twitter has become the world’s water cooler” — what do people talk about at the office when they gather around the actual water cooler? Probably the stuff they just saw on Twitter.

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  1. twitter really rocks!!

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