Trade Shows By Numbers [Infographic]

When most people think of trade shows they probably associate them with dull business events selling boring products. In some cases that may be true! But according to this infographic produced by trade show stand designers Just Displays, trade show marketing is the biggest marketing expenditure of B2B businesses, accounting for an average of 16% of total marketing spend which is more than online, email, print or direct marketing. The infographic also has a bunch of other interesting facts I’m sure you didn’t know about trade shows like the fact that by 2014 businesses are expected to be spending a massive $15 billion annually just on advertising at trade shows. There’s no surprises that promotional pens top the list of the most popular item to giveaway at a trade show stand but others like hand sanitizer most people probably wouldn’t of thought of, but they’ve become a very popular item in the past few years.


Source – Just Displays

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