Top Apps For Increasing Your Efficiency


Top apps for increasing your efficiency

All of us are on the go more than ever and as a result being increasingly efficient is a key. Smart phones have taken a huge leap and can be a great source of increased efficiency but with the thousands of apps focused on productivity which ones are the cream of the crop? While this isn’t a huge list, here are a few must have apps for the productivity obsessed.

Spring Padtop-apps-for-increasing-your-efficiency

Spring Pad is an amazing app that allows you to take notes, make to do & shopping lists and even record recipes. Once you find something you’d like to save you can add it and the app then will provide additional information. For example, save a restaurant you want and it will aggregate reviews and map it. One of the unique features of Spring Pad is that it’s collaborative so you can invite friends and make awesome lists and groups.


The Mozy app is an extension of the company’s online data backup services. With it you can keep the back up of your all of your electrical devices. This app allows you to not only backup the data on your smart phone with the rest of your digital life but also helps to synchronizing data files across a variety of devices and operating systems that in most instances don’t play well together. You do need a Mozy account to use the app but they do have a free plan that gives you 2 GB free.


Mmmm. Mint. While not quite as tasty as the real thing, the Mint app is a great tool to manage your money on the go. This financial planner in your pocket is great for keeping tracking of your credit card balance and keeping you on budget. For those who have a bad habit of breaking their budget, the Mint overview screen provides you an instant look at how your personal cash flow is doing for the month along with alerts and advice. Mint also comes with very cool graphs and can auto categorize purchase so you can quickly filter through all your expense types. It can even create a budget based on your actual spending, or you can create your own. Best of all its free!


top-apps-for-increasing-your-efficiencySchedulicity is the master scheduling app; it helps small businesses and individuals to effectively manage their schedules remotely. This app is really vital for any small business owner and is quickly becoming the defacto choice. Schedulicity is truly catered to small businesses with both a web and facebook widget along with built in email marketing. While it’s possibly dangerous for the workaholic, but it will definitely make your businesses appointment diary more manageable.

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