Top 5 Front End Frameworks [Infographic]


The number of web applications being created and used has grown rapidly since the new millenium. And importantly, so has the sheer complexity of them – specially on the front end. No more static pages, no sir!

You have a ton of sections each interacting with each other and the server and yes, it’s as complicated as it sounds and just as hard to pull off. Today, I’d like to talk about Top 5 Front End Frameworks that aim to simplify front end application development.

Creating responsive, fluid, and maintainable interfaces for web apps isn’t as easy as one would imagine, there is data to be sent back to the server and the results parsed, data stores to be updated, views to be re-rendered and so much else that needs to be done in the background. Desktop developers have it much easier with robust tools and well defined workflows. Us, poor web devs? We’ve been twiddling DOM elements, creating models by hand and pulling our hair out trying to keep everything synched.

The monstrous rise in the number of web apps being built recently has really made it apparent that we need better tools and frameworks and the devs have responded with a staggering amount of solutions


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