Top 15 SmartPhones of 2011 Compared Around The World

LG Optimus 3D Mobile Phone Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

2011 is gone and  we have seen plenty of new mobiles which rock the world and If you call year 2011 “a year of smart phone manufacturer war year” then it will be true. We have  seen plenty of law suit against HTC, Samsung and Apple etc and too many launches of new mobiles with two many enhanced features. Let say you need a break from your laptop? then the productivity new smart phones offer a lot more than the ability to make calls these days. Apple and Android has changed the face of simple call making device to smart phones having functions almost similar to laptop, which can be easily fit into your pocket. The trouble is, how do you decide which is the best one for you? Here is the list of Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world, which is your next phone? please let us know

The last update saw the Samsung Galaxy S2 Grabbed crown and named king of Smart phones – the combo of Android 2.3 and a beautiful screen in a tightly packaged body saw it head straight to the top of the pile. But now Apple has finally brought out another version of the iPhone (if you want a sneaky peek, you can read our iPhone 4S review) so check out our list see if it’ll have what it takes to finally get an iPhone on top spot and help you choose a phone to buy.

1. Samsung Galaxy S2

samsung galaxy s2 Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has taken the mobile phone world by storm since it’s release in May. In fact before it even went on sale the handset had received over 3 million pre-orders. It is the most powerful smartphone available on the market today with a staggering 1.2ghz dual core CPU. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a phone we’re excited to whip out in a pub and show off to our friends – and millions of people already are. It’s the ultimate media mobile, the next generation in web browsing thanks to slick Flash integration, a very good replacement for a pocket camcorder and, goshdarnit, it makes calls pretty well too.

2. iPhone 4S

iphone 4s multitasking switching Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The iPhone 4S comes with a dual-core processor, a better camera, a smarter virtual assistant and twice the storage of its predecessor — if you don’t mind paying for it. Like the iPhone 3GS did before to the 3G, the 4S bumps the iPhone 4 down to second-class status, leaving those Apple fans who must have the best aspiring to own its decidedly familiar exterior. Apple says this is the most amazing iPhone ever. Is it? Yes, of course it is, but read on to see whether it’s really worth an upgrade.

It’s one of the most expensive phones on the market, so have a think whether you really want the latest features, as the iPhone 4 and 3GS are cheaper alternatives… but make no mistake, this is another cracking smartphone from Apple, and while many will be undoubtedly upset it’s not number one, if you’re an Apple fan then this is your number one phone.

3. HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

HTC has gone from being an unknown manufacturer for bigger brands to one spewing out leading Android smartphones. HTC has recognised that in bringing out a phone that ticks all the boxes for the most sought-after tech, bringing an 8MP camera, 1080p video recording, a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm chipset and a qHD resolution 4.3-inch screen.

The HTC Sensation is a cracking piece of kit despite being behind the S2 (and now the iPhone 4S), with Sense 3.0 being a real joy to use. The HTC Desire was the phone that showed the world what HTC could do, and the Sensation is a big step change once more. The dual-core power really shows, and the HTC Watch service is one to, well, watch as bringing movie downloads to a phone on the go could be the next big thing.

4. Sony Ericsson Arc S

sony ericsson Xperia Arc Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The things we’re impressed with on the Xperia Arc S are almost too many to list. From the beautiful Reality Display with Bravia Engine to the powerful-yet-simple 8.1MP camera with Exmor R technology, this is one of the phones that people actually want to hold and play with when you show it off – plus it now boasts a 3D panorama mode, although you have to hook it up to a compatible big screen TV to view.

5. HTC Desire S

htc desire s Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The Desire S has surprised us all with its popularity – decent price drops already have seen it become a valuable proposition and place it as a good HTC alternative to the dual-core power of the HTC Sensation. Excellent call quality, a decent camera, strong build and clever-as-ever social networking integration make this a class-leader once more, despite it no longer being the HTC top dog since the Sensation has landed. The HTC Desire S is a slick, compact and attractive handset that is a decent improvement on its predecessor with more compact lines and an improved Sense experience.

6. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

sony ericsson xperia ray Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

Hey..This is my Smartphone :-)

It’s been a busy old year for Sony Ericsson. As it struggles to regain a foothold in the market it was once sucha major player in, it’s been firing out more Android-based Xperia smartphones than long-lost Friends, with the likes of Xperia Arc and Xperia Mini proving big hits. But there’s another winner from the soon-to-be-just-Sony brand, with the Xperia Ray winning more than a few admirign glances. Well-packaged and packing in a host of top-end Sony tech, the Xperia Ray is a smaller smartphone that squeezes a large amount of power into a pocketable package.

7. BlackBerry Bold 9900

blackberry bold 9900 Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

Research in Motion (RIM) have been getting some pretty heavy criticism recently and it is now time for another flagship device, the Bold 9900. Keeping tradition alive by bringing out the industry’s best messaging devices. The Bold 9900 is the best BlackBerry ever created, with a solid chassis, easy to use keys, a superbly hi-res screen and touch capabilities too. BB OS 7 might not be much of an upgrade, but it still just works on a phone with a QWERTY keyboard / smaller screen combo. If you’re a BlackBerry fan, this is the phone for you without doubt. Well, that is if you can afford the oddly high price tag – it’s only this that’s stopping us ranking the Bold 9900 higher in our definitive guide.

8. HTC Incredible S

htc incredible s Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The HTC Incredible S offers a unique contoured design for stunning looks and a more secure grip. Capture life’s moments in vivid detail with the built-in HD camcorder. Immerse yourself in videos on the cinematic 4-inch display and virtual surround sound by SRS™. Go from big to bigger and share videos, photos or music wirelessly from your phone to your TV via DLNA. The Incredible S includes a powerful 1GHz processor for super fast web browsing.

The 8MP camera with dual LED flash is a decent option, the interface snaps along nicely and the price is palatable – with another top example of HTC Sense that’s been improved with the launch of Android 2.3, and hopefully will get the same update to Ice Cream Sandwich. While sales haven’t really been stellar for the Incredible S, it’s still a real favourite among users. We suggest you nab one soon, as they may not be around for much longer given the popularity of the HTC Sensation and new Beats Audio range.

9. Orange Monte Carlo

orange monte carlo Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

Orange UK will release the Orange Monte Carlo, which is actually a Re-branded of ZTE Skate. Powered by the Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, the phone features a 4.3-inch WVGA display, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5MP autofocus camera, a 512MB of RAM, and an 800MHz processor. That screen isn’t the best on the market though, especially in bright sunlight, and the camera has been downgraded a little to lower the cost too. However, for the price we’re more than happy to forgive this, and the Monte Carlo still delivers a decent large-screen viewing experience, if you are indoors.

10. LG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3D Mobile Phone Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

LG calls the phone’s (Optimus series) “tri-dual” technology – a dual-core processor, dual cameras and dual-channel memory .LG Optimus 3D features An extraordinary 4.3 inch display which provides glasses-free 3D graphics and also dual 5 mp cameras pertaining to recording stereoscopic 3D photos as well as movies. The particular 3D button to the side of this mobile opens up this 3D heart for taking part in 3D games as well as enjoying 3D movies, you can also record your own personal 3D videos and upload all of them instantly to YouTube.

11. iPhone 4

iphone 4 Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The iPhone 4 was the most impressive iPhone ever when launched, and a big step up from the iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 4′s 960×640 Retina Display was a revelation when it was launched in 2010, and it’s impressive that it’s yet to be properly usurped. It’s got 326 pixels per inch, and we’re talking tiny pixels, only 78 micrometers wide.

12. BlackBerry Curve 9360

blackberry tour 9360 Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The Curve range has been something of a saviour for RIM in the last few years, with the immensely popular Curve 8520 still selling years after its launch. The new Curve takes things to another level though, with the new handset offering a superbly sleek chassis, a well-designed keyboard and next-generation functionality thanks to the inclusion of NFC to connect up to other BlackBerry devices, as well as letting you pay for goods on the go.

13. Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini / Mini Pro

sony ericsson Xperia mini pro Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

Sony Ericsson managed something of an underground hit with the original Xperia X10 Mini range, and has predictably brought the line-up back with a powerful refresh. The new line-up (the Mini Pro features a keyboard, but is otherwise pretty much identical to the Mini) has a 1GHz processor under the hood and a much bigger 3-inch screen compared to last year’s model, which makes a big difference.

One of the major criticisms of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro when it was originally released was that the 1.6 version of Android which the phone used was somewhat outdated severely limiting the number of the apps that the user could use, but now it’s been updated to use Android 2.1.

14. Google Nexus S

google nexus s Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

The Google Nexus S is the successor to the Google Nexus One and is Google’s “reference” phone for Android handsets that will be released in 2011. Intended for developers and more hardcore phone enthusiasts, the Nexus S comes stock with Android 2.3 (codename: Gingerbread) which is free from all the extraneous apps that manufacturers and carriers add. if you’re after Ice Cream Sandwich on a budget with no frills, then this will be the way to do it. the NFC chip means you can do some cool stuff in the future too, like using Android Beam to send links or YouTube videos to friends by bumping phones.

15. Motorola Atrix

motorola atrix Top 15 mobile phones of 2011 compared around the world

Smartphone with James Bond-style fingerprint recognition amazing isnay. Announcement of Dual core phone by Motorola named Atrix blow my mind, Mobile with  Dual core Tegra 2 1GHz processors, 1930mAh battery and qHD screen meant the Atrix was far and away the most powerful phone around. It garnered a decent review from us thanks to the snappy processor speeds.


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