Top 10 Creative And Modern Office Designs

Top 10 Creative and Modern Office Designs

Having a fancy office has become more about the well-being of the employees rather than a sign of status. It all really kicked off when people started to see the interiors of Google’s head office which was designed for all the employees to feel comfortable and enjoy coming to work. Many companies have since followed suit and it is mainly the new-age or social media companies that have adopted this trend of flashy, yet comfortable offices. Here is a list of the ten most creative, modern and nicest offices that you will find all around the world.

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Switzerland Google


The company that really started this trend have taken it to a whole new level in their Zurich office. You will be able to have an office in a ski-lift or sit in the coconut shaped structures whilst you work. If that does not float your boat, lie down in comfortable leather chairs and look at a bunch of aquariums as the fishes float by.

Facebook California


Facebook is just the type of company that you would expect to have a wacky office. Their home in Palo Alto has DJ mixing boards, sofas, and brightly coloured interiors. Maybe it is not as innovative as Google, but still worth a spot on this list.

Skype Estonia


The Swedish born company has one of its major offices in Tallin. Their green logo has set the colour scheme for this office. Trees indoors and nicely designed tables and seating constellations are covered in either green or white to make this one of the best looking offices around.



If you could Digg an office, this one would be the one to Digg. This trendy office with a blue and silvery design lies in the heart of San Francisco and shows that the Americans are right up there when it comes to office design.



This is the second San Francisco office on the list and the Twittering bird has done a very nice job. The dark blue interior is filled with dark sofas and chairs along with stuffed animal heads hanging on the wall. Hunting cabin meets Tron I would say.



The Swizz watchmakers Swatch have put just as much effort into their office as they do with each individual watch. The yellow, white and brown interior is filled with a series of different shapes and forms and is just as innovative as their latest watch series.

General Motors


In Motown it is hard to get away from the amazing music created over decades. But the city of wheels is also the home to one of the coolest offices in the world. The wood and steel mixture brings back memories from some of the greatest cars produced by this massive company and it still feels very fresh with several decades on its neck.



Pixar in California is the home to one of the best offices around. Small office cabins can be found inside the actual building so that each person has their own private office space. Bright colours line the walls and it almost looks like each designer has had their own say when it comes to designing the interiors of their office.

Red Bull


This company is known for being innovative and free-thinking, something that shines through in their London office. Massive windows cover the walls to the outside and the interior also has a glass theme. Huge bright lights line the ceiling so you can be guaranteed to have a lot of light when you work. The silver floor gives off a nice shine and really completes the rooms.

Three Rings


Check out this creative office, with a unique display of designs Three Rings is based in California. A smaller company than the others previously mentioned but this start-up developer company for online games, takes an edge on things with spectacular furniture.

Many thanks to Distinctive Doors for their help in putting together this creative list.

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