Top 10 Beautiful Forests In China

China has a great variety of forest types. In the  northern cold temperate zone, the  forest is composed of coniferous trees, followed by a mixed forest of deciduous and broad-leaved trees in the temperate zone. The warm temperate zone is dominated by a deciduous broad-leaved forest, evergreen broad-leaved forest in the subtropical zone and finally rain forest and monsoon in the tropical zone. Yunnan and Chinese red pine as well as oak, larch and Chinese fir are some of the most common trees to be found in China.Here is most beautiful 10 forests in china.

1. Tianshan Mountain Xueling Spruce Forest

The Tianshan Mountain Xueling Spruce Forest has existed for 40 million years and is like a living fossil on the Tianshan Mountains. From late October on, cold snow bearing, winds from Siberia start arriving. Blanketed in whiteness, all is quiet; the spruce trees with their elegant crowns stand like an awesome military phalanx.

Tianshan Mountain Snow Spruce Forest, Xinjiang . China


2. Changbai Mountain Mixed Korean Pine and Broadleaf Forest

The combination of Korean pine trees, broadleaf trees and other trees shows us a unique beauty of the Changbai Mountain. Along the Jingjiang Valley on the western side of the Changbai Mountain, there is a wide variety of plant species. Besides the native Korean pine, there are also the Amur linden, Mongolian oak, Japanese elm, maple, birth and more.


Mixed Korean Pine and Broadleaf Forest, Changbai Mountain . China

3. Jianfeng Ridge Tropical Rainforest


Located in the southwest of Hainan Island, the continuous and magnificent tropical rainforest of the Jianfeng Ridge Forest Reserve covers more than 400 square kilometers. More particularly, the forest has bred 449 kinds of colorful butterflies, far more even than Taiwan.

Jianfeng Ridge Tropical Rainforest


4. Baima Snow Mountain

The Baima Snow Mountain, the watershed of the Lancang River and Jinsha River, rises in the central section of the Hengduan Mountains, and is administered by Deqen County in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Diqing, Yunnan Province.


Baima Snow Mountain, China

5. Bome Gangxiang Spruce Forest


The Bome Gangxiang Spruce Forest, located at the lower reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, has the largest, best, and last primeval forest in China. The warm, damp airflow from the Indian Ocean produces favorable water and temperature conditions so the spruces here are like towers, tall, straight, dense and sturdy.

Bome Gangxiang Spruce Forest


6. Xishuangbannan tropical rainforest

The Xishuangbannan tropical rainforest is situated in the Dai Nationality Prefecture, Yunnan Province, through which the beautiful Lancang River flows from north to south. It is one of the important scenic spots of the whole country. Blessed by advantageous climatic conditions, it nurtures a myriad of species and is dubbed ”wildlife kingdom”.


Xishuangbannan tropical rainforest

7. Luntai County


Luntai County  lying at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains and the northern edge of the Tarim Basin, boasts the world’s largest, densest and best-surviving ”living fossil of the Tertiary Age”—-a natural Huyang (diversiform-leaved) poplar forest of over 27,000 hectares.

Poplar forest, Luntai. China


8. Libo Karst Forest

The Maolan Karst located in Libo of southern Guizhou Province; the reserve is covered by a lush virgin forest. The stable ecological system means the forest is a rich biological resource. There are more than 2,000 species found in the reserve and these include some 40 new plant species.


Libo Karst Forest

9. Xing’an Larch Forest


The total area of Daxing’anling Forest is 84,600 sq kilometers. The Xing’an larch is the main tree in the Greater Xing’an Mountains Forest, part of the circum-arctic coniferous forest that extends within China north to south along the Greater Xing’an Mountains. It is also home to many arctic species, such as the snow hare, elk, cowberry and crowberry.

Xing’an Larch Forest


10. Shunan Bamboo Forest

It locates in the southwest Liantian Mountains Which border the Changning County and Jiangan County of Yibin City, and covers an area of 120 square kilometers with an elevation from 600 to 1000 meters. In its central region, more than 5000 hectares of big tall and upright bamboo (Pronounced in Chinese as Nanzhu, spelled Phyllostachys Mazelexh.


Shunan Bamboo Forest, Sichuan . China

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