Tips to speed up your hard disk data transfer

Here are some guidelines to speed up your hard drives and maintain it.
  • Use disk cleaners like ccleaner regularly.
  • Dont ever bring magnetic materials near your hard drive.
  • Never install unnecessary programs in your hard drives.These can really affect the boot time and hard drive performance.
  • Avoid pressing reset button if the hard drive is in the writing state as this can damage the head of the hard disk.
  • Use a good Hard disk defragment tool.Remember to defragment your hard drives at least once in 15 days.Use a hard disk defragmenting tool other than the one in windows , because the defragmenting tool in windows takes a lot of time to complete its operation.Moreover it cant defragment files according to our needs.Instead use tools like perfect disk 2008.If you want a free disk defragment tool go for tools like auslogics disk defrag.
There are several tweaks to speed up hard disk’s, but these will work only for the time being.After some days you will notice the speed degrading gradually .So instead defragment your hard disks regularly to keep them running at maximum speed every day.

One comment

  1. If you defrag your harddrive every 15 days, you will end up shortening your harddrives life considerably. If you have a harddrive bigger than 100GB, then you will only need to defrag maybe once a year at best. They only slow down once they are severely fragmented: 50%+
    For someone doing a MCA, you have written out very incorrect and rookie advice that most people won’t know the difference from correct facts.

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