Tips To Increase Speed of Android Tablets and Smartphones

Android OS is open source and going popular day by day. Now most of mobile and tablet manufacturers using Android on their device because Android apps available widely to download at free or low price. Tablets area comes with limited processor speed and RAM memory. We need to manage our Android application according to our Tablet or smartphone hardware configuration. I just bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 with 1Ghz Dual Core processor and 1 GB RAM memory. 1GB RAM and Dual Core Processor is enough to run all types of application but if you are using any low hardware configuration tablet like Beetel Maqiq, Reliance Tablet and iBall Slide then it is most important that you manage your tablet to get best speed because over applications can hang your tablet or stop response for some time. Here I collect some of best tips to boost your Android tablet and smartphone speed. These all tips are very small and easy to follow. Using these easy tips you can get full benefits of your Android tablet.

Tips To Increase Speed of Android Tablets and Smartphones
 1. Install less applications: It is first step to boost your Android tablet speed. Some tablets are comes with preinstalled applications but most of applications have no use for us. Avoid installation of unwanted and useless applications on your Android device because application occupy space and RAM. Install only applications that are very important for you and useable.
2. Close unwanted applications: Every tablet comes with limited RAM, it is very important that we use only few applications at a single time. Starting many application at single time can use all RAM memory and slow down Android tablet.
3. Use light applications: Always use only light application not heavy applications like games and other heavy graphics applications because these types of applications needs good space to installation and more RAM to start.
4. Use Task Manger: Always use Android task manger or you can download any other task manager from Android Market. Using task manger you can get idea about running applications and memory used by application.
5. Disable GPS feature: Tablets comes with built in GPS features and most of time we have no use of it. Running GPS all the time will drain battery in a matter of hours and reduce Android tablet performance. It is good for battery life that you turn off your GPS feature when no use.
6. Disable Animation: By default tablet comes with enable animation feature and it is not good for your Android performance and battery life. You can disable it from Settings > Display > Animation > Select No Animations.
7. Never use Live Backgrounds: Some Android tablet comes with preinstalled live wallpapers. It is true that live wallpapers gives us special effects on Android desktop but these types of wallpapers working as battery eater. User always normal wallpapers.
8. Start-up Managers: On Android market you can download lots of free application to manage Android startup programs. Using startup managers you can disable or uninstall unwanted applications and improve device startup speed. Startup Cleaner 2.0 can help you to manage your Android Tablet startup.
9. Remove Widgets and Apps. Shortcuts: On Android you can set Apps widgets and shortcuts on desktop but large number of widgets and apps. shortcuts reduce Android tablet performance.
10. Use cleaner application: Many cleaner applications are available on Android market freeware. These cleaner can cleanup all applications cached files and histories. Clean tablet cache time to time and increase tablet performance and battery life.
These all tips are easy to apply and hope it will definitely increase your Android tablet or smartphone speed.
If you face any difficulty in this guide then let us know in the comment section, our experts will get back to you in minimum possible time.

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    Can you suggest some good cleaner application; available on android market

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