Tips For Using Social Media As A Customer Service Tool


How many times have you not been fooled by a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Some businesses make claims, which aren’t always backed by their services, products, or customer satisfaction rates. Social media has put a human face to those negative results. Social networking sites may be a solid ground for promoting your business, but they come with one small hiccup, customer feedback. As much as any company will value customer feedback, most will not be thrilled by the global visibility of remarks by an angry or dissatisfied customer.

Most businesses, no matter big or small, keep a constant and regularly updated social media presence. But what’s just as important is professionally and efficiently responding to customer feedback through social media too. It will not only provide your customers the satisfaction of knowing that their queries are heeded to, but an efficient and helpful response will also earn new customers. Here are a few tips to provide a valuable customer support system through social media.

1. A Knowledgeable Representative

You probably already have a social media marketer, but he or she is not your customer service provider and will not be able to heed queries. A “we will get back to you” is like the “I’ll call you” of the customer support world because nobody believes it. The respondent should be able to explain the glitch and apologize if required. An unprofessional response will not only have a bad impression on the said customer but also on all others who are able to see the post.

2. Identify Yourself

It is important for the customer to know that they are speaking to a human and not a machine. The respondent should provide the name and position in the company so that the customer feels that his or her complaint is given its due attention and not just an automated response.

3. Brief Offshore Service Providers

If you have hired an offshore service provider to take care of your customer support then make sure you provide them complete information regarding the kind of services or after sale support you can provide. This will ensure that those representatives don’t end up promising something that your services don’t cover. It could cost you big time in terms of customers and credibility. And if it’s on social media, the consequences can be all the more extreme.

4. Follow Through

Follow complaints and queries all the way through, and once the query has been dealt with, try asking the customer for feedback. And there you will have it, your very own testimonial and success story right out of the horse’s mouth.

5. Explain Yourself

Offer useful links and forums which will explain to the customer exactly what may have caused the problem and what is being done to resolve it. Many businesses tend to undervalue their customers and not provide enough information. Explaining the problem will let the customer feel a part of the problem solving process and is also bound to earn your respect.

So apply the following tips and you will be more likely to win hearts, respect and most importantly, new and satisfied customers.

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