The Science of Star Trek [Infographic]

The fictional universe of Star Trek shows a world with many fascinating and useful inventions. Most of the devices and technology shown in the original series bore little resemblance to any technology available at the time in the real world. However, many of today’s gadgets are reminiscent or superior to Star Trek’s technology.

Today’s cellphones are more advanced than communication devices featured on Star Trek. In the original series, the character’s communicators were limited and lacked imaging technology. Modern cellphones can record video, take pictures, connect with the Internet and more. However, there is plenty of technology on Star Trek that has no real comparison with modern technology. Today’s inventors are still very far away from creating an android similar to Data. Warp drive technology, part of the basic transportation for ships in the Star Trek universe, is not even a possibility in the real world.

The following infographic compares the fictional technology of Star Trek with the technology of the modern world.


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