The Rise of The Planet of The Apps [Infographic]

More and more people are leaping aboard the smartphone bandwagon every day – you only have to look at the growth of the app stores of the two biggest providers to see how huge internet enabled devices are becoming.

The members of the moneysupermarket mobile phones team thought that all this was worth sharing, so we put together this infographic to try and show the world just how big a part of life our phones (and our apps) have become to us in the last few years – and some of the figures are pretty astounding!

We’ve flung more birds in Angry Birds than there actually are on our planet, tweeted so often it would make your head spin, and downloaded more apps than most of us probably know what do with – and there are more and more of the tempting little things appearing on the App Store and Google Play every single day!

The infographic is below – pretty mindblowing stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree!


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