The Official Social Media Sites For The Marine Corps


Did you know that the Marine Corps has their own certified social media accounts and pages? While most people think that those in the Marines don’t have the time to utilize social media, it’s actually become a great use.

Marines can use social media sites to connect with other Marines as well as their friends and family members. The Marines also use these dedicated social media sites as a way to inform the public with news and events, and it even serves as a way to provide those interested in joining the Marines a look into the operations. The following is a list of the Marines’ social media networks.

1. YouTube

The YouTube Marines channel contains a variety of videos. Separated into three categories—Combat, Training and Boot Camp—these videos showcase different aspects of being a Marine. From making their own meals to training methods and from celebrations of history to showing Marines returning home, the videos provided on this channel can truly provide viewers with a realm of information on the inner workings of the Marine Corps.

2. Facebook

The United States Marine Corps’ official Facebook page also provides a wealth of knowledge to followers. The page is updated and maintained by Marines currently on active duty, and it provides followers with current information on what the Marine Corps is up to.

In the About Us section, the Marines let their followers know that the content and news provided on the site is meant to be shared, and while they welcome the comments and posts from others, they ask that it be kept clean of profanity.

The page is mostly made up of links to videos for the Marines, but you will also find historical facts on the Marine Corps as well as definitions of common Marine jargon.

3. Twitter

The Marines are just as active on Twitter as they are on both YouTube and Facebook. The Marines tend to post multiple times per day, and their tweets focus on an array of topics, including video and photo links, quotes, news stories and fun facts. Feel free to follow the Marine Corps at @USMC.

4. Flickr

Though at first it may seem strange that the Marine Corps chose to create an official page for Flickr, their use of photos throughout all of their social media channels proves why they chose Flickr.

The photos shared through this site are interesting, heartwarming and heart wrenching all in one. They also share detailed information about each photo so that followers can gain insight into the purpose and history of the picture. From on-duty photographs to welcome home celebrations, Flickr contains a great deal of Marine photography.

If you’re interested in the Marine Corps, start following them on their official social media site to gain more information. It’s a great way to learn and engage all at once, and if you have loved ones in the Marine Corps, it’s a great way for you to stay in touch and learn more about what is going on with them at all times.

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