The New iPad Has Strange Battery Charging Issue

The new iPad is in the center of everyone’s attention again! A couple of days ago Dr. Raymond Soneira (president of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation of Amherst, New Hampshire) explained how the famous Retina display and brightness levels affect the battery life of the iPad 3, also known as “the new iPad”. Now he has returned to this topic and said that the iPad actually keeps charging even after saying that the battery is fully charged.

The New iPad Has Strange Battery Charging Issue

We have no idea if it’s an iOS 5.1 software issue or a battery issue, neither do we know if other devices running this version of Apple’s OS have the same problem, but the fact is – the battery keeps charging for at least an hour after the phone says it’s 100% full. And this can explain the problem many iPad 3 owners now have – the batteries of their tablets are recharged much faster than those of the previous iPad 2.

Here’s what Soneira said in an interview with Cult of Mac:

“I measured the power actually drawn by the AC adapter and found that the new iPad continues to charge for up to 1 hour after it claims to reach 100 percent. This affects the battery run time if you stop charging when it says 100% percent.”

Soneira also told Charles Starrett of iLounge about his finding. iLounge conducted their own tests and said that they found “unusual, non-linear reported battery drain during our numerous battery tests, with the third-generation iPad sometimes reporting a battery loss of just two percent over the first hour of testing, then averaging 10% of loss each hour afterwards while performing the same tasks.

Apple hasn’t given any official comments about this strange issue yet, but we hope it will be fixed in the next iOS update.

If you’re one of the owners of the new iPad, have you noticed this issue in your tablet? Is the battery really drained much sooner than that of the old iPad 2?

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