The Most Checked In Facebook Places Of 2012

Facebook as most us will know is the biggest social networking site on the internet.  It has a range of features which appeals to millions of people around the world. One of its newest   applications focuses on mobile technology. ‘Facebook places’ allows users to share their present locations with their friends via an alert from their mobile phones. The system allows for real time updates so that friends can let each other know about great places to visit or a good restaurant where they are having a meal. Just like ‘Foursquare’, users can ‘check in’ to see whether or not they are in the same location as their friends, such as a concert or sports game. With Facebook places looking to be more and more popular in 2013, we take a look at 2012’s most checked in places.

Euro Disney (Paris)


The Europe version of Disney World was one of the most visited places last year. The theme park which was opened in 1992 has proved massively popular with rides and attractions equal to the original. The accessibility of the park has meant that European tourists could enjoy all the attractions of Disney without having to travel across the Atlantic.

AT & T (San Francisco)

Sports arenas are always going to attract vast crowds but the most visited last year was this baseball arena and home of the San Francisco Giants.

Berlin (Germany)

The German capital certainly proved to be a favorite among Facebook users. With its historic buildings and rich culture, it’s a place people wanted to be seen in.

Alton Towers (Staffordshire)

Theme parks have people coming back more and more each time and the UK’s favourite thrill centre Alton Towers had a great year despite the awful summer. The lure of the Nemesis and Rita Queen of Speed featured many times on user’s profiles.

Los Angeles International Airport


Taking things somewhat literally in terms of checking in, LAX was one the places that featured prominently in 2012. Seems the whole world wants to be seen passing through this famous West Coast airport.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne)

According to data revealed by ‘News Limited’,  this cricket ground was  the most popular location in Australia last year beating the likes of the  iconic  Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach which were much further down the list.

Piazza san Marco

The Piazza San Marco is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. It is the crown jewel of the city of Venice. Located to the east, you will find the historic church of St Mark and the famous Clock Tower.  Here you can observe the great arches beautiful and ornate marble decorations.

La Rambla (Barcelona)

Here we have a street in Barcelona which has attracted many visitors from around the world.  This picturesque, tree lined boulevard is popular among tourists as wall as some locals.  The Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca once said that this was a street that he would never want to end. Despite having a problem with pick pockets, people still keep coming back for more.

Ibirapuera Park (Sao Paulo)

Often described as Sao Paulo’s ‘Central Park’ this is a very popular urban area in Brazil’s second city. It has facilities for jogging and walking and includes a very impressive convention centre

London (England)


It’s no surprise that the UK’s capital was one of the most checked in places in 2012. It was a big year for the city. London hosted a very successful Olympics which welcomed all the worlds’ best athletes. This was also the year that Queen Elizabeth 2 celebrated her golden jubilee. London is also one of the most historic cities in the world boasting sites such as the National Gallery and the Tower of London.

What do you think about Facebook places? Do you find it less intrusive than Foursquare – or an equally good way to announce your presence to social-media-savvy burglars?

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