The iPhone 5 vs The Nexus 4


The Apple iPhone has caused a smartphone revolution in the Western World. Blackberry has been battered by the innovation and quality of the late Steve Jobs and Co.

Google have got it right though. They have done an incredible job of putting together a phone that ticks all the boxes.


When running the vanilla Android platform the Nexus 4 is even better. I am an Android man personally. I have neither been captured by the glitz and glamour of the Apple iPhone mania, nor the simplicity of the iOS system. I like the organizer in the Google phone and prefer the Android apps; partly because so many are free.

Google is an incredible company. They threw a bit of a left-field ball when they chose LG as their partner on this phone. LG had suffered until their recent launch of the successful Optimus G.

Google, yet again, made a good decision. Their phone looks sturdy and high quality. It is somewhat prone to smudging and is quite conventional but they have built a phone that fits the Google brand with competence and quality. I do prefer the iconic look of the iPhone but this is just preference and many will prefer the Google Nexus 4.

Feature Comparison

Functionally both have similar features. They are both very usable, even with one hand, and have responsive and practical buttons. They tick the user-friendliness box for me. I will always prefer when a phone using the microUSB port and I think Apple’s continuing insistence on the Lightning dock is a mistake.

Everyone else is going universal and not even Apple is an island. The phones’ cameras are comparable. The iPhone has a slightly better front camera and their backside illumination sensor and f2.4 lens are additional ticks.


The displays of the phones are different sizes. The Nexus is  0.7 inches bigger at 4.7 inches. Both provide top end, high quality screens. The specs are slightly better on the iPhone but in the real world, off the specification sheets, the different is practically intangible. The iPhone is slightly more sensitive in its screen layer and is more viewable from extreme angles.

Decision Time

All in all Google has done a great job and so has Apple. I personally prefer the look of the iPhone 5 and the working s of the Google Nexus 4. I’d love to be able to put the inside of the Google into the Apple phone.

Thanks to the Apple proprietary nature that will never happen though and this is why Google are going to go from strength to strength. Their phones are going to get closer and closer together at the high end of the market but the iOS and Android systems will remain different. I think everyone in the end except true Apple disciples will come round to the fact that Android is just better.

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