The Importance of Original Content And How To Make Google Know It

Original content is becoming more of a hot topic and Google is developing software and techniques to siphon out those that want to cheat the system.

Secure Your Content

There are ways to get Google to notice your original content such as by using a copyright service like MyFreeCopyright. Here you can register your content by using a digital fingerprint. Also, if you have any discrepancies about others taking your content, then by submitting a DMCA with Google, you can further the process of ensuring a claiming your work and getting anything removed that is been copied from your content to another website. Currently, Google is in a new phase of developing algos and whatever else to detect, dismantle, and possible even discredit those that are plagiarizing and/or using other content that is not their own, so they will assist you in securing the rights to your work.

Internal Links to Your Content

You should have internal links posted on your website pages that crosslink to your other pages so that when scrapers take your content, they will inadvertently pick up these links, thereby implicating themselves and notifying GoogleBot that this is copied content. The internal links will show that the original website is the creator of the unique content and not the scraper. Of course, this is assuming that the scrapers haven’t removed the links. In addition, for Google to notice your website/blog, and the content on it, the most effective way is to obtain authority and maintain it. This is commonly done by acquiring external links which point to your domain, homepage, etc. Formatting the content on your website is also vital for the crawlers and readers to locate the information easily. Making the content reader-friendly for users will ensure a high Page Rank for your website on Google. This can be accomplished by highlighting, bolding, italicizing, and underlining specific keywords. This can be done in conjunction with an attractive use of titles and subtitles. Of course, these markings should be done in moderation and not excessively, as use of these embellishments will make the text less readable for readers and search engines.

Content Rules the Keyword Kingdom


Fresh content is key to eliciting Google’s notice of your website/blog. It is a task that requires discipline and consistency, but it is rewarded when your ranking gets higher and higher in the SERPs because of attracting users that enjoy reading and learning from your content. Content can be updated daily, weekly, or even monthly depending on whatever industry, service, or discussion you are involved in, but it should be done consistently, because of the “deterioratability” nature of content. Creative ways to keep content fresh are to include a news section on your site as well as have discounted bargains, gift ideas, and maybe contests related to your content. Popularity, low bounce rate, and user behavior are all related to what is in the content of a website/blog. These factors are all examined via user response to particular websites as well as the authoritativeness of the author/writer of the content, and are how Google’s is currently gauging behavior and consequently ranking websites. Authoritativeness can be done by citing references for your content. Although this is cumbersome, it will garner respect from all parties that read your content give you authoritative status in your field over time.

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