The Importance of Mobile Network Optimization


Mobile technology has been advancing at an astonishing pace and the number of people that own mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has also greatly increased. With more mobile users comes an increased demand for mobile networks that will allow users to keep up to date with current events and social media, among other benefits such as GPS location tracking, research on-the-go and more. In order to provide high-quality network services to an increased volume of consumers, mobile network optimization is key.

Reliable Service

Along with the increase in the amount of mobile users is the increase in each user’s demand for reliable service no matter where they go. In order to expand network coverage, corporations may need to establish an increased number of towers and establishments. Though a larger number of physical locations will provide coverage for an expanded area, this method is expensive and inefficient. More important than physical locations is the ability to carry the signal across greater distances from existing towers. With greater coverage that does not require acquisition of extra locales, more customers can be reached in an efficient manner.

Increased Demands

With high-speed internet connections being common in homes across the country, users have come to expect similar connection speeds in mobile devices when available. The popularity of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, coupled with the increased number of music and video streaming possibilities, pose a large challenge for mobile networks. The volume of data being used daily by the average person has increased tremendously in the last few years, requiring high-quality mobile networks and extended data plans.

The Rise of 4G

While 3G speeds were the norm just a few years ago, the amount of customers demanding 4G network services is increasing rapidly. Though 4G networks are much faster, they are also more costly and maintaining the increased speed for a large user base becomes more of a challenge. As more powerful technologies allow stronger signals to be transmitted in a larger area, the spread of 4G speeds is guaranteed. Having more efficient data centers will allow corporations to handle the increasing number of users and data usage.

Optimizing for Customer Satisfaction

The optimization of mobile network services is a necessity for network providers as it allows the network to reach more people and provide fast, reliable connections to all users. Any corporations that do not optimize their network capabilities will find it difficult to continue to provide reliable services to an ever more demanding customer base. The demand for higher speeds will continue to increase as users experience the possibilities it offers and online content—much of it requiring high speeds and levels of data usage continues to expand.

Optimizing for Decreased Costs and Increased Profit

Optimizing mobile networks will allow corporations not only to attract more customers with reliable services but also to reduce their costs and increase their profits. Higher data usage translates to the need for extra servers and more physical space being required. If the way that data usage is handled by the servers is optimized, less servers are required. As more users require more data on average, the capacity of the servers must be expanded and accounted for. Careful planning will allow companies to continue to provide their services as more users join their networks.

The increase in smartphone usage and the demand for more reliable connection at higher speeds will place a large responsibility on mobile network providers. Optimizing the technology and services will prove vital as the trend towards high data usage continues to increase.

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