The Grinch Who Got Lucky With Data Theft [Infographic]

The Christmas stealing Grinch seems to have found other activities to keep himself busy during the past one year, indulging in much more dangerous activities that threaten the happiness and, more importantly, the security of people. Having gone all tech-savvy, the Grinch makes use of advanced stealthy weapons like malware and hacking to intrude into the systems of users in order to gain access to confidential information that can be detrimental to the user if leaked. For instance, his favorite target is the secret organizational data of large corporations which he can use to derive financial benefits for himself. Apart from this, the Grinch can even steal information like credit card details and other such data to reap financial benefits at the expense of his unfortunate victims. However, the worst part of the news is still to come. The evil Grinch does not operate alone anymore. He has in fact conjures up a whole crew of stealthy accomplices who help him in his efforts as he goes around stealing valuable information from unsuspecting users. With such tremendous danger lurking around in the streets of the cyber world, users must stay informed of the safest routes that should be taken in order to avoid the nasty Grinch and his team from mugging them in broad daylight. Check out our detailed infographic to see the areas raided by the Grinch in the past one year.




“The Grinch who stole data” was illustrated to outline the data theft situation that plagued 2012. Mobistealth, the image creator, is a developer of employee monitoring software.

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