The Best Services For Online Donation


Raising money for a charity is a rewarding and exciting thing to do, it can be a great project to get involved in and something really fun and empowering for everyone involved. You might be bungee jumping, abseiling or running the marathon – but whatever it is you’re doing to raise your funds, you’ll want to make sure all the money you are raising is being looked after properly and being organised properly too. This can be a pretty daunting experience, having to organise all the money and donations – so signing up to an online service can often make things so much easier, not to mention less stressful. Raising money should be an enjoyable experience – so ensure yours is – and use one of these great online donation services.

Thanks to the internet, there are many different ones you can choose from – and here are some of the most popular and most useful.

1. Just Giving


Just Giving is perhaps the most high profile donation service. Donators and sponsors can leave personal messages for you when donating their money, and you can set up and edit your profile to encourage people to sponsor you! There’s also the added gift-aid option on this site, which means that your charity is being donated the optimum amount of money possible.

2. Network For Good


Another fantastic online donation service, this website allows for a great deal of personalisation. It’s extremely organised and the brand is great too. With founding partners such as Yahoo and AOL – you can’t go wrong with these guys. You can even search for charities on this site and make donations yourself, anonymously. So, feeling generous? This is the place to go!

3. PayPal


PayPal is probably the most well-known website for money handling, and definitely a safe and trusted website to use. Donators to your cause can easily and simply transfer money across (if they already have a PayPal account) or even if they don’t. PayPal make things simple and easy – so if you’re not used to handling money online, this may be a great choice for you.

4. Crowd Rise


Crowd Rise is probably the coolest website in this bunch. On their homepage they showcase the latest and coolest charity projects and fundraising events, and they even have a great twitter presence too – perfect for building awareness of your cause!

5. The Big Give


We love this site, another newbie (compared to PayPal and Just Giving) but this site does everything it promises and more. There’s a lot of personalisation available too if you use this website – so it’s great for those who like a little more control over thir fundraising efforts than others. What I love about this website are the categories – meaning that you can tag your event into the event type and the charity type too! Which makes it much easier for sponsors to find you, which means you make more money!

6. Easy Fundraising


This site is just what it says: Easy! You can register your cause in a few short minutes, and have your campaign and fundraising live the same day! It’s great for those who like things quick and simple and for those who want to get fundraising as quick as possible! This website also run a great blog and have competitions – so it’s a great community to get involved in.

Thanks to Cancer Research UK for their help with this article. If you’re interested in getting involved, then why not check out their current charity work vacancies?

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