The Benefits Of Facebook Can Supercharge Your Business


As a business owner, finding new opportunities and avenues to reach potential new customers, as well as keep in contact with current customers, should be on the forefront of everyone’s marketing strategy. This article will talk about Facebook, an incredible tool to reach customers and a website you’re probably very familiar with already.

The Basics

Without boring you to death it is important to cover some of the basics so we are all on the same page. Facebook is a social networking website. The service is designed to help individuals build relationships through shared interests, backgrounds, and real-life interactions.

Facebook launched its service in 2004 and quickly grew, and by 2009 it was the largest social networking website in the world. In the middle of last year, 2012, Facebook reached over 1 billion active users. Other then a few hiccups along the way, like their IPO journey of last year and if you privacy policy issues, Facebook has remained fairly pure to its original model which has been one of the biggest business successes in history.

The impact Facebook has had on society will not be explored in this post, but let’s just say that the ability to stay in constant contact with friends and family, as well as others in your social network, has changed the way we live our lives. For businesses, both large and small, Facebook has altered the way we connect with our customers.

Use Facebook

Every business should have a presence on Facebook. In order to best utilize Facebook’s service as a business a Facebook fan page should be created. These fan pages are specifically designed for individuals who are interested in your business, they become a fan, and then receive notifications about exclusive business-related offers and updates directly to their Facebook page.

Setting up your fan page correctly will allow you to connect more easily with your target audience. You simply decide what classification your business falls in allowing you to rank relevantly in the search results. Next you upload photos and information about your business essentially creating your selling point and differentiation between other businesses. Finally you start gathering an audience, people you can connect with, and then the fun begins.

Benefits of Facebook for Businesses

Your business will definitely benefit from Facebook. It’s not something that you may or may not do because it’s a “good” idea, it is an essential for every business. Here are some benefits.

  1. 1 billion active Facebook users kind of speaks for itself. Chances are everyone you will ever do business with is on Facebook.
  2. Facebook is a very low cost marketing strategy, and even if you never spend money on advertising, Facebook’s cost-benefit is very high.
  3. Personalize your business using posts and pictures about yourself, your team, and your company. The humanization factor attracts customers.
  4. Using Facebook to connect allows you to give fast customer support / customer service for people in the digital age who don’t want to use the telephone.
  5. If your website is an interval part of your business, and most companies are in that boat, then Facebook can drive traffic to your website in a way that Google cannot.
  6. Deciding to advertise on Facebook could pay dividends due to the highly targeted nature of Facebook’s audience. The ability to narrow down exactly what demographic sees your advertisement is like a Swiss Army knife of marketing.
  7. Inspire potential/current customers to spend more money at your business by offering exclusive deals through Facebook.
  8. Potentially inspire a customer to share your Facebook info with their friends, Essentially creating a viral/word-of-mouth marketing campaign. This might be done through awesome deals or it could be a creative picture or video that your Facebook fans will share.
  9. Engaging and interacting with other businesses on Facebook can inspire new growth and customer acquisition by talking or teaming up with another business.
  10. This was slightly touched on already, but the importance of sharing pictures and video on Facebook is unmatched. Simply telling someone something or having them read something on your website does not usually do a marketing campaign justice. Making it real with a picture or video on Facebook adds a whole new dimension to getting the word out.

The advantages Facebook offers small businesses are numerous. What we touched on briefly, but didn’t have the opportunity to go very deep with is how to gather more Facebook fans, but for that information you will have to tune in next time. In the meantime rest assured that Facebook offers your business a lot of benefits, go for it!

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