The Anatomy of A Horrible Web Design Client [Infographic]

What makes a terrible web design client? If you are a designer, you may be able to recognize the signs in just a few meetings, but if you are a client, you will probably swear that you are never be “that guy,” though most likely, you are.

Looking first at the perfect client, this is someone who has a fairly good idea of what they want and has examples to back it up.

Unfortunately for most designers, very few clients actually know what they want before they place an order for a website design. They may think themselves well informed because they know certain terms and buzz words. They aren’t, and if given a selection of possible designs, they will probably choose the least appealing, then suggest a few dozen changes to it once it the designer has completed it.

These nightmare clients are also the type to take the advice of friends, even the ones who know nothing about design, aesthetics or the internet, and disregard the advice of the designer being paid to create the web page.

The Anatomy of A Horrible Web Design Client [Infographic]


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