Symantecs Paperless Classrooms : Get Ready For The Revolution


The legends of system security, Symantecs  are on the educational field for the last few years and now they are being with an announcement that may lead to a revolution in tech field and also in educational field. What Symantecs aims with this project is, just welcomes the technology into the educational field. Symantecs planning to a paperless classroom by providing tablets and lessons as .pdf files in it.

Completely wiping out of printed material from the classroom will be a new experiment.By this they are providing an environment friendly-cost effective education system. They introduced the new system after research of one year and the got good feedback on it. Symantecs  also announced that the further researches are going to be carried out in this field.

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  1. Abhijeet Kakade, the Symantec Senior Instructor who taught an initial class, said, “Speaking as an educator, the tablets made a world of difference. The students really enjoyed the benefits the tablets made to the overall learning experience.”

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