Speedup Windows Startup With Simple Steps

Speedup Windows Startup With Simple Steps

Today let me share an interesting tip for windows users. When we start our computer it delays for a while to make your computer ready for action. You can reduce this delaying time completely by editing a simple thing in the registry setting. It will not harm your computer.
Note: This will boost in starting the windows. This will not increase the overall performance of your computer. The performance speed depends on the processor of your computer and the load it is taking on.
The process: 
Step 1: Click Run and then type Regedit.
Step 2: Now you will notice a box will pop up. From there Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Then Select control Panel , then Desktop Folder.
Step 3: Now in the right hand side you will see lots of settings. From there select “Menu Show Delay”. Double click on it and changed the default value “400” to “0”.
Speedup Windows Startup With Simple Steps
Now you are done. You will notice a slight increase in the loading time when you start your computer. If you increase the value to “1000” then it will take longer time to show the Menu.
This trick does not make much difference actually. But learning it is not a bad Idea. Is it?

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