Sony Xperia Ray ST18i – Complete Review

sony-xperia-ray-st18i-complete-reviewHello friends, today I’m going to share a full review about my phone. Oh yeah I’m using Sony Xperia Ray ST18i. This is my first Adroid OS smartphone. I’m fully satisfied with my phone! You know why? Just read this review!

I purchased this phone for Rs. 18,900 ( US$ 342.09). I think, It’s not a big price for this powerful phone! So what sets the Xperia Ray apart from the competition? It has some pretty unique features such as the Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine and the Exmor R sensor. The first ensures that colours are rich and vibrant on the 3.3″ display, and pictures/videos look great. That’s not all folks. The display is scratch resistant. Although I can’t confirm the level that this will go to.  I did have it in my pocket all day without a cover and it held up nicely. The Exmor R sensor (which is a trademark of Sony) will let you capture high quality pics and videos. The camera and camcorder function in low light and it performs extremely well. This sensor is normally made for the Sony digital camera range. It’s great to see it making its way in to the mobile sector.

The Xperia Ray features Android 2.3 (Pre-installed when i purchased) with Sony Ericsson’s timescape UI over the top. It’s a nice user interface and very intuitive without taking away the essence of Android. The Ray integrates heavily with Facebook and I was amazed that even going in to the Gallery, it pulled all my Facebook galleries. I was on WiFi but I’d be a bit concerned if viewing the gallery on mobile data. It could suck back the MB’s.Whilst using the Ray I received a software update from Sony Ericsson. I was notified OTA (over the air) that an update was available. Unfortunately I couldn’t update the phone directly. I had to connect it up to my PC and let the Sony Ericsson PC companion tool install on my laptop. The update brought me Android 2.3.4. One of main features is the ability to take a screenshot of what’s on your phone by bringing up the power menu and selecting “Take screenshot”. Not important to most, but invaluable to me. Talking about updates, Sony Ericsson have really stepped it up with their updates. In fact they’re trying to differentiate themselves as a device manufacturer that releases timely Android updates. They have since announced that an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) will be made available in the New Year for the Ray. I already wrote a review about the ICS update 4.0.3 and 4.0.4. I hope you already read my reviews.

Sony Ericsson have brought out a new ‘theme’ feature with their Xperia range. It changes the overall colour scheme for the user interface. I’ve been rolling with Onyx which is a black/grey theme. Seven themes are included on the Xperia Ray. To get in to the themes section, press the settings button and select ‘Theme’.

The browser on the device is fast and has google search in-built so as you type in the address bar it comes up with suggested searches. I could spend a bit of time providing you with browser benchmarks but these numbers would be meaningless to quite a few people. Know this, it’s fast and incredibly functional. The good news about browsers is if you don’t like the stock one, you can download one of many from the market.

The phone app is of a high standard and like the competition it has the phone keypad, Call log, Contacts, and Favourite tabs. Call quality was of a high standard and the volume level was adequate. Messaging on the Ray is simple. It displays conversation threads with speech bubbles that are different colours distinguishing between your sent and received messages. Typing on the device is simple enough. The default keyboard is a compact one that mirrors a keypad and has predictive. I swapped this out for Swiftkey from the market which was functional regardless of having a small/medium screen display.

Full Specifications:

  • Model: Touchscreen.LCD and capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 53mm
  • Thickness: 9.4mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Screen Resolution: 480×320 16 million colours
  • Primary Camera: 8.1MP
  • Secondary Camera: Yes.
  • Camera Flash: LED
  • Video: HD Recording 720p
  • Phone Memory: 1GB
  • External Memory: 4GB included (upto 32GB)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Processor: 1 GHz Scorpion
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, proximity, compass
  • OS: Android 2.3  (Upgradable to 4.x)
  • Blutooth: Yes.
  • WiFi: Yes.
  • USB: Yes (usb2.0)
  • Headphone: 3.5mm
  • Message: Threaded view
  • Browser: HTML, Adobe Flash
  • Battery Standby: 440hrs
  • Battery Talktime: 7hrs
  • Extras:  Scratch-resistant glass, Bravia Mobile engine, Touch sensitive controls, Timescape UI

Games I’m Playing Without Any Errors Or Lagging [Currently Installed]:

  • NFS Shift.
  • NFS Hot Pursuit.
  • Angry birds (all versions).
  • Temple Run.
  • Ninja Chicken (all releases).
  • Ninja Jump.
  • Ninja Rush.
  • Radio ball 3D.
  • Speedx 3D
  • 3D Bowling
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Friut Shoot
  • Paper Toss.

 Apps I’m Using [Currently Installed, Not Pre-Installed]:

  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Go Laucher
  • Player PRO
  • MX Player
  • Pwall
  • Dolphin HD Browser
  • Beautiful Widgets
  • Smart App
  • Super Tool Box
  • Audio Manager
My phone is running smoothly with these games and apps. The best antivirus and mobile security solution is Avast Mobile Security . Read my review and see why i recommending avast!

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So was there anything that I didn’t like with the Ray? The phone is a very compact device. For people looking for a powerful compact device, this phone is for you. I prefer screen realestate which is no fault of the Xperia Ray.  In more fancy words, my phone is “Simple” but “Powerful”. Now I’m waiting for your comments and reviews.


  1. I believe the ray only has 512mb of RAM and not 1gb.

    • I bought one too, with the gold color, which make it look much more premium than it is. It’s more than adequate for everyday use and games with moderate graphics. I haven’t root the phone so everything is stock. I have the game Temple Run too. It’s run smoothly on the phone memory. However, after I moved the game to the SD card, when I’m playing the game and a text coming in, the phone would lag for a few seconds. I wish the phone could have a much bigger internal memory than the 300mb user-available so there are apps I want to keep on the phones to run more smoothly. After I moved everything I could to the SD card, the phone has about 150mb left. Also: 1gb of ram would also help out a lot too.

      • I finally rooted the phone and uses Link2SD to move all the apps to the SD card. Now I don’t have to worry about the internal memory being running out of space anymore (that is until the SD running out of space).

  2. your review helpful but it seems the cost is bit high for it, phone memory is impressive but battery level is low, is it really affordable??

  3. Do I need an internet while rooting?

    • No you don’t need internet connection to root your phone.

      • Hey, I finally give ICS a try and I like the new looks and feels (I got the latest 4.0.4 released recently in August). However, there are still a few issues that are still there (some are software and some are due to the limited hardware): the LED notification definitely not work. I tried SMSawake. It fixed the problem but created a new one: always leave the screen’s light on so no point there. Light Flow LED control didn’t work either. The performance definitely took a hit. When the phone is running light, such as not a lot of apps, no live wallpaper, etc., the phone runs well. However, when I run a Live wallpaper, the app drawer and the homescreens would lag a bit. Even the default android Live wallpaper don’t run smoothly. Gaming also took a hit too: Temple Run is just a bit laggy. Line Bird definitely laggy (er) and among other games too. Many of my older apps run fine while some are laggy. Of course, this is just could very well be developer not update their apps for ICS yet. ICS also uses more RAM (in general, most apps uses the same amount of RAM as in Gingerbread) and my internal memory didn’t get anymore than the usual 300 MB-user available. One neat feature is the ability to disable apps in the app manager section. It could disable most app that I think unnecessary. It can’t permanently disable Google Maps however. Google Maps will pop up every at restart. Gemini App manager is pretty useless in ICS too. It can’t freeze app, which is its most useful function. My updates didn’t come with any WIFI, battery issues. The phone dialer function as it should, no problem there. All and all, the ICS upgrade can be considered with “tradeoffs.” Gingerbread is not bad, it’s definitely more compatible with most apps: It’s runs better with Live wallpaper and most games. The LED works in Gingerbread. Less RAM usage in Gingerbread. So consider keeping Gingerbread if you’re running lots of apps and live wallpaper. One more thing: rooted and flashed the phone can be the best option. Tried ICS and if you like it, keep it. If not, downgrade to GB. A very simple process but can be time-consuming when you’re moving and re-installing all the apps back into place.

  4. Boss Akhil, I just purchased Ray few days back. I’ve reviewed almost for a month over the net b4 i bought it.. But the issue that is bothering me now is that it is getting hot even after few minutes’ use. I’m getting disappointed. I almost thought of returning it back (I know i’ll incur a loss) , but ur site caught my attention. I thought I would get ur advice if i could overcome with this overheating problem. I’m very much concerned about this bcoz i bought it as a gift to my wife… Please help me out. Thank u.

    • Hello Arif.

      Thanks for reading my article. I’m also facing this issue “only while playing games for long time”. My phone is normal in all other cases like calling, using apps, playing videos etc. I already noticed this issue to sony. Please see their reply:

      “Hello akhil, it is quite normal. Don’t get upset. While playing high detention games and using high resource apps, phone will get heated! Because, cpu have to work hard to run that games and apps. So, don’t worry. You can play the games for long time, no problem will affect on your phone because of this high temperature!”

      So, don’t worry Arif. It is normal. Leave that issue!

  5. Hi Budy!
    i have buy Xperia ray! Could u comment on its internal memory specification of 300mb Storage space.

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