Some Unseen Features of The Latest Windows 8


The latest windows 8 by Microsoft has plenty of features that are unseen to several Users. There are some of them described below.

The Secret Start Menu:

Like any other older version of this operating system, windows 8 also shows the start up menu once the lower left corner is left clicked but when the same place is right clicked, there appears an all different menu that gives access to the important areas like control panel, task manager and command prompt of the operating System.

Windows Defender:

The Windows Defender almost got extinct before it made its way back in the windows 8. If the system does not have antivirus software installed then the defender will make its appearance on the screen every now and Then. It not only tackles the viruses but also tackles the spywares and keeps them from entering the main operating system.

Easy Shut Down Menu:

The shut down menu is a lot easier in the new operating System. Rather than clicking the charms bar and then going to settings and then clicking the power button to select “shut down” the windows 8 carries the even easier made shortcut of pressing ALT+F4 to directly choose from either shutting down the system or any other option given there.

Easier Snap Shots:

The previous version of windows had the sniping tool for taking snap shots and then saving them by pasting them on Paint. But the new version gives an easy way of taking snap shots and saving them. By simply pressing windows button along with “PrntScr” button, the snap shot is taken and saved automatically on the pictures library of the operating system.

Short Cuts for Viewing Apps:

Rather than wasting time on clicking and dragging on various folders and menus to view each app one by one, the latest windows 8 brings a wonderful shortcut that is “Ctrl+Tab”. Using this shortcut, all the applications installed in the operating systems are appeared on the screen.

File History and Emergency Saving:

The latest version of this operating system can keep a record for all previous versions of the files that are visited and edited. This way even if these files are accidently deleted, they are saved and can be retrieved afterwards.

Windows Reinstall:

Rather than finding new disks and installer software to reinstall the windows, the latest version has a great feature of having all these settings stored away in the hard drive. So even if the operating system gets corrupted, the reinstallation is present inside already. It only requires “refreshing” the operating system to bring back factory settings keeping the personal files intact.

Settings Synchronization:

The windows 8 comes with the features of letting the users synchronize their settings over more than one machine. By clicking on the “Change PC Settings” button and then clicking on the “Sync Your Settings” button, these setting options are exposed. This feature of windows 8 is very handy for the users who operate on more than one machine at home or at their work place.

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