Social Media Security Basics [Infographic]

Today, a staggering 800 million people are actively on Facebook, using it for things such as sharing photos and stories, posting news and articles, and communicating with friends. Just as many people are also sharing information on various other social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus. While sharing information on these social media sites has given people instant gratification, it is at the same time leaving those same folks vulnerable to threatful situation that they probably have no idea could exist: social media hacking. Social media hacking is similar to any other online hacking situation, in which hackers find security vulnerabilities on a particular online platform, in this case social media, and extract important personal, financial or otherwise private information. To use some real examples, Sarah Palin, Steve Wozniak of Apple Computers, and NBC News have all fallen victim to online security breaches to their social media accounts, leading to compromised personal identity, and who knows how much other private information leakage. This infographic lays out the things you need to know about Social Media Security Basics to help save yourself from the same sort of online attack.


This infographic was developed by Veracode, providers of the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform and resources such as the SQL injection cheatsheet.

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