Social Media Planning For Enhanced Online Visibility


With the rise in social media optimization and companies pouncing on sites like Facebook and Twitter in an effort to join the ranks of companies enjoying enhanced online visibility there needs to be a review of the basic architecture of social media planning.  Though not nearly as exciting as the strategies that garner most of the press related to social media marketing, social media planning is just as important if not more so.

Social Media tools For Enhanced Online Visibility

A recent article examines some of the desired outcomes on which a social media plan should focus.  These are not, obviously, all the possible goals, but they do represent the goals of most companies seeking to develop a social media managing plan.  One of the greatest mistakes a company can make when diving into the world of social media is to start with tactics and work their way back through strategies ultimately landing at management plan.  Just like with any other task ever completed successfully a plan must be first, followed by strategy development, followed lastly by tools and tactics.  Social media is no different.

One of the first goals of any social media plan should be to learn more about their core audience and customer base.  Companies should look at websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as their chance to be the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ eavesdropping on every one of their customers conversations.  By paying close attention to what customers are doing, saying, and liking a company can tweak their products, services and (most importantly) marketing strategies.

Understand Your Clients

After a company has begun to understand their customer base they should turn their attention to building their online visibility.  They might have the best product ever but without potential customers knowing about it, sales will not happen.  Years ago companies were limited geographically and relied on print ads and traditional media.  Now thanks to online stores, websites and social media any company can become an overnight success.  That is if they understand the power of such tools and plan to use them correctly.

One of the best social media management plans a company can develop is to educate their audience.  Too often companies focus too much on what they offer and they forget that there is more to the world.  Guaranteed, any company’s customers want to learn as much as possible about how the products or services being offered effect them, their immediate world and others.

For instance, say an organic milk company wants to engage their customer base.  They could a) post countless updates and tweets about how happy and healthy their cows are and how great their milk is, or b) they could focus on hot issues in the organic industry in general.  Engaging the audience requires (as mentioned above) being in tune with the customer base to know what is trending, then promoting that trend by adding to it.

One last goal should be included in all social media planning. SEO should never be overlooked.  Without ranking high on search engines a company’s website will not live up to its potential.  SEO doesn’t have to be about beating customers over the head with product, product, product, but more about smart techniques and tactics.  Combining proven SEO strategies already utilized on the company website and blog with social media can have much stronger ranking results.  It’s about working smarter, not harder.

Although every company has different needs and goals some social media management planning should remain constant.  Revisiting strategies and tactics on a regular basis to make sure that they are aligned with your online visibility goals is best practice.  Without first having a company’s goals clearly outlined before tackling social media a big mess can easily erupt.  Social media planning is not about adding more steps to an already complex project but rather keeping everyone focused on what is most important.

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